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5 Amazing Ways Get More Facebook Live Viewers

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2017 is going to be the year that sees 'Facebook Live' totally dominate the live show market, and it's only going to get better.

I have two daily Facebook Live shows over at Your Digital Formula and Steven Aitchison pages. We have even started a facebook group: YDF Live Group for members of our YDF program who go live so non members can view them and share them.

I've previously written a great guide to Facebook lives at Everything You Need to know About Facebook Live.  In this post I wanted to get more specific about how to get more live viewers when you go live on Facebook.

Now everyone can stream their Facebook lives from their computer there's going to be an explosion of Facebookers using the service.  Facebook are also advertising the FB Live feature on TV. This shows just how serious they are about growing this platform.

The one question that many people are asking is 'How do I get more Facebook Live Viewers'?

In this article I want to show you five ridiculously simple ways to, at least, double the number of viewers you're currently getting on your Facebook lives.

5 Amazing Ways Get More Facebook Live Viewers

1. Schedule your live show

Over the last few weeks I have started to schedule my live shows which essentially puts a notice out on your page that you will be going live at a certain time.

When you schedule it essentially gives you a chance to promote your live show and to let others share your link before you actually go live which increases the number of viewers you get as soon as you go live.

It also gives the readers of your page a chance to click on 'Get Reminder' so they get a notification ten minutes before you go live.  I have seen a big increase in the number of viewers just by doing this one thing.

However, at the moment, you cannot schedule a live show from your iphone or android you are only able to do it via your computer using the Facebook API which means you using software such as OBS, Wirecast, Livestream and other such services.

For a more in-depth look at scheduling a live show click this link for a detailed walkthrough 

2. Send an email to your list

This can dramatically increase the number of live viewers you get on your Facebook Live and it's simple to do, especially if you have scheduled your live show as above.  When you live is scheduled you will be able to get a link for the scheduled post by copying the URL

So you can send an advance notification to your email list maybe a few hours before you go live using the scheduled link url and then again 5-10 minutes before you go live.

If you using your phone for your live shows, then you can send out an email to your list as soon as you go live and share the link for the live show.

3. Cross Promotion

Use the power of collaboration to start promoting your live show to other pages.

If you know someone who has a page with a similar number of followers within the same niche as yours ask them to promote your live shows on their page and you can do the same for them.

This is an easy strategy and can often double the number of live viewers you get.

It has the added benefit of giving great content to the followers of your page as well which means you don't have to create as much content for your page.

I have a share agreement with Maria Flynn from One Wise Life who has 208,000 followers.   Maria shares my live shows from my Steven Aitchison page and I share Maria's live shows on my other page at Positive Life Affirmations which has 235,000 followers.








4. Embed your live show into your website

If you have a blog you can embed your live show and create a blog post from it, which again is brilliant for creating more content for your blog.

This is really easy to do and gives you the benefit of getting more views of your live show over time.

You can grab the embed code very easily:

When you get the embed code, just copy it and paste into the text section of your blog post and voila you have just repurposed your facebook content.





5. Boost Your Facebook Live Show

This is another great way to get more viewers and to let people know that you do a Facebook Live show, people who may not have known about you before.

There's no need to go all fancy here, simply click on the boost button on your Facebook Live and choose the audience you want to target: I always go for 'People who like your page and their friends' and will spend up to $100 over 2 weeks if it's a live show that has done well organically:

The post below shows how I boosted a live show and managed to get an extra 35,000 viewers for $57.00.
However don't let that number fool you.  When Facebook report on the vier figures they class a 3 second view as a view.  People might not be watching your whole video, but it's still great to get your face out to people who may not have previously known about you – why is that good?


For the Know, Like and Trust factor – When you are selling anything online you need the know like and trust factor and a live show is amazing to build this up with your readers.

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