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6 Reasons Why You Need To Share Your Gift With The World

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We all have a certain special gift inside of us. Each and every one of us. Some of us are living it and even making a living from it, others, maybe you, have it locked away.   In any case, this gift that you have is unique to you. It's yours and only yours. There is no one else in the world with that gift.   And you need to share it.

I know right now many of you are probably thinking well I'm an artist but there are so many artists in the world right now, I'm not as good as them"¦you are as good as you and no one else has the talent you do. There are a million writers but they all have their own voice.

Many of us are afraid to share this gift for many reasons. Some of us may be too shy or simply like to keep their lives slightly private. Whatever the case, the gifts that each of us possess are meant to be shared with the world. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Inspire others.

There are as many leaders in the world as there are followers. If someone sees your gift and is inspired to give birth to theirs then you've just helped one person find happiness and maybe even motivate them to live out their dream and purpose. It only ever just takes one person to change someone.   That one person could be you.

2. Make new connections.

Meet new people, make new friends. Take your gift and find like minded individuals who hold the same vision as you and spend more time around these folks. As we share our gift, we attract a tribe and/or become part of   a tribe. This opens the doors to new opportunities and many great friendships.

3. Cheer someone up.

Maybe you are a lovely singer but you only sing in the shower or to the steering wheel of your car. Take that beautiful voice and gift and go visit a senior's home or the hospital with terminally ill patients. You could bring ridiculous joy to those who are sad and in pain or feel helpless and hopeless. Go cheer them up!

4. Self confidence soars.

Unleashing your gift, at first, is going to be really scary. You will have great hesitation. Do it anyway. Once you finally do it and get over the fear hurdle, your confidence is going to go through the roof. Not only that, it will inspire you to do more things that you've always been afraid to do.

5. Income source.

You could actually have a   little gold mine right there inside of you and you don't even know it. Maybe painting is your thing and you've finally decided to show off your paintings. They could be worth a fortune. You could sell them for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Yes you could. Hate your regular daytime job? This could be your cue to take your gift, make money, say good bye to your 9-5 and finally live your dream life.

6. Be you and live your life.

We are only here for a short time. To keep your gift trapped inside of you does not serve you. Why would you want to die with your gift unshared? You have the ability and the power to cheer someone up, help someone to realize their own dream or goal, inspire others and build your self-confidence.

So many people are afraid to share their gifts because they think they aren't good enough or smart enough or they think that others are better than them. We are all good, excellent even, at what we do. You are absolutely perfect at what you do and your gift is fantastic. Share it. Spread it, inspire and empower.

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