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3 Ways Coaches Are Getting It Wrong on Social Media

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In the ever growing (solid) industry of coaching—an industry with revenues over $12 billion a year in the USA and a growth rate of 3.4% according to ibisworld.comit’s been an interesting experience watching coaches grow, prosper AND make a positive difference in the world, while far too many others have missed the mark completely

Coaches are in demand, yet, I’ve seen (too many) coaches financially struggle more often than not, leaving themselves stressed, burned out and unable to accomplish what they’ve set out to do…help others.

The ability to gain new clients, keep clients and ultimately have clients succeed in what they’ve set out to do goes intimately hand-in-hand with how coaches are creating a win-win business and client culture.

Coaching isn’t just a business…it’s a heart-centered business where sacred work touching people’s lives is at its core.

The difference between successful coaches and the coaches who struggle lies in how they deliver and share their value.

As a coach, you have no doubt found your voice, you have a message to share with the world and it’s now time to build your platform with which to let your voice be heard, and let your message spread way beyond your front door, and social media is the key to doing this:

1. Social Media is Your Virtual Assistant to Success

Social media is more than a platform for people who have no “selfie-control.”  Setting up a professional Facebook page (or other social media platform) can be a tremendous resource for your clients to stay engaged on a daily basis, reinforcing the guidance you’re teaching. 

The simple act of keeping clients engaged on a platform they are most likely already on is simple yet deeply profound with longer lasting impact than coaches may realize.  On one level…social media posts act as reinforcers that “appear” in front of your clients…but reinforced again with a click of a “like” or a “heart” or even a share.  Subconsciously, this is a few seconds of follow-up above and beyond coaching (and it’s done organically and done daily because most every one is on social media daily) and it can have long-lasting and positive impact.

How often do you find yourself repeating the same messages (in different ways depending on your client’s needs) about self-care and nurturing, or positive affirmations, or meditation and journaling? How often do you offer new perspectives on old ideas and negative thinking? Imagine those reinforced messages appearing for them on social media?  It can’t hurt…in fact, it will most definitely help.

Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Author, Wendy Merron, of Powerful Thinking On Purpose, used this very idea for two clients and assigned them to invest 5 minutes per day on her Facebook page reading positive posts and like the ones that resonated with them.  At the end of the week long of clicking, one reported feeling surprisingly more positive about life—helping him think and reframe his thoughts!  The second client felt so much more improvement, he continued to do the exercise beyond the week.  Social media proved to support the work Merron was doing with her clients…giving way to success and identifying Merron as the expert conduit to it.

2. Social Media = Social Proof of Your Important Work

The more engaged your social media followers become with you and your social media message, the more engagement your social media platform experiences leading you to the social proof so many are pulling their hair out looking for!

Not only will you help and support your own clients, but you’ll also support so many others just because you cared enough to show up on social media to share your information, your message, your motivation and your inspiration…using your own voice and style.

Your social media posts will naturally align with who you are and what your coaching style is all about.  So, not only will your clients appreciate the added support through social media, you’ll stand a greater chance of them naturally helping your message reach even more people. The expansive reach alone on social media predisposes you to be in front of millions of potential coaching clients.  Even more important…it will bring the clients who resonate with your message to you.

The social proof from your active and growing Facebook page (or other social media platform) naturally lets people pay attention to who you are and what you’re about above and beyond a virtually dead professional page last updated December of 2014.  Do you see where this is going???

You show up on social media sharing your heart and your message helping others and its ripple effect is virtually endless.  You open doors to working with clients all over the world.  This digital age is giving you opportunities unlike any other time in history… but you have to show up to do it.

The energy of helping others using social media is supported right back to you

3.  Social Media Drives People To Your Virtual Front Door

How much time, energy and money have coaches invested on their website, yet hardly anyone knows about it or remembers how to get to it?  This is epidemic.  Who the heck remembers a web address?  Who keeps a business card around anymore?

Much like social media, how are coaches using their websites for the greatest good of their client?

How are coaches (properly) using their websites to welcome prospective clients? 

A website alone is not enough. 

Regularly blogging and educating…providing valuable content for clients and prospective clients is HUGE.  We are in the age of digital information—instant access to information.  So, why not give the quality information people are already searching for, anyway.

Blogging or vlogging is a powerful tool when combined with your social media. As you grow your social media profile with continuously growing numbers of fans, followers…and yes, clients…then so will the number of people you can re-direct from social media to your website because you’re posting content that people want to read with your teaching, tips and ideas.

Coaches are here to make a positive difference in people’s lives. More of that kind of positive life-changing work deserves to have people “drive by” their virtual front door.

People are hungry to learn. Invite them for more by opening the door through content.

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