5 Signs It's Time To Put Your Foot Down

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Doormats around the world, come sit and read this please. We've been doormats for far too long. It doesn't look good on us. We're looking ragged and torn, dirty and worn. Is this look pleasing you? Are you happy with your life? Of course you aren't. Are you ready to shed your doormat outfit? Enough is enough. It's time to put your foot down.

We desperately try to please everyone and make sure the family is running smoothly, work is going off without a hitch, the neighbourhood is under control and life is good. For everyone. What about you and your life? How's that running for you? If you are a doormat, I will guess that life sucks right now. Is it time to foot your down? Here are some signs it is time. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

Young mother with little child sit at the dining table in the home kitchen.1. Nothing gets done unless you do it.

No one in the house con tributes to any chores or maintenance of the household because they know you are going to do it and you're pretty tired of that. The most frustrating part is that you know if you don't do it, nothing gets done. It might be time to sit everyone down and let them know how you feel. Perhaps you can come up with a game plan so that each person has a teeny chore or job and you get more time for you.

2. No time.

Continuing on with the first sign, you realize that you have no time for yourself anymore. It's gone. Everyone around you expects you to do everything all the time. When you want to do something fun for you it seems impossible as someone is always beckoning you their way. Once again, your hobbies are put on the back burner. Could it be time to start saying no? Is it time to put your foot down now? You bet it is. That longing in your soul to do things for you is real. Stop ignoring it.

3. Resentment has kicked in.

You're there now aren't you? There was a time when you did things for love and enjoyment. Maybe even got a wee bit of pleasure out of doing things for people but you see it's no longer like that. The only thing you feel now is resentment and you secretly wish everyone would just leave you the hell alone. You cringe at the fact that you have to cook dinner, do laundry, run errands, play taxi, etc., and no one else does or offers to help out. Tell them you're done, make it stop. Let them know you are a doormat no more.

4. Constant fatigue.

You are just always tired. Not just tired of helping people, and not just physically but emotionally too, but tired of the constant phone ringing, texts, emails and everything else you are bombarded with daily. Is there no respect anymore? Doesn't anyone understand you aren't a robot? It could be time for you to put your foot down and tap out. Completely out. You need a break, and a big break at that.

5. What about me?

Doesn't anyone do anything for you anymore? Are you starting to feel neglected and taken advantage of? There used to be a time where you did feel appreciated but that is a distant memory. No one cares how you feel and it's actually starting to hurt your feelings and make you feel like you have no value. You do have value, by the way. You must start taking time for yourself and start saying no to those who don't appreciate and value your time and efforts.

Your life is important. In fact, it's the most important. You need to start enjoying and embracing your life, and you. No one is living your life for you and it won't get enjoyed and lived to the fullest if you continually let people use you as a doormat. Enough is enough. Time to put your foot down and go live for you.

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