3 Conscious Parenting Tips For Parenting In The New Paradigm

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Parenting in the new paradigm requires parents who are ready to parent from an awakened state. Which would invite them to take a hands on, ears open, constantly tuned in approach. Allowing expression of the soul! The children being born in today's world have an internal mission to help shift the collective consciousness of this planet, which is requiring a new way of parenting. Some of the children coming in are very purpose driven.

Conscious Parenting Tip # 1 – The Importance Of Parental Self Care.

Whether you are a new parent, seasoned parent or an empty nester, throughout the daily bump and grind of life it is easy to forget how to take care of yourself. Take time to allow yourself quiet time for soul searching and self-reflection. It's a great way to obtain peace and serenity. Being balanced and grounded will help you become the best intentional conscious parent you can be.

We've all heard since we were little children the importance of eating a healthy diet & proper nutrition. We can speak from experience what you eat and put into your body matters. We really recommend taking the time to learn about eating healthy, how certain foods affect you physically and emotionally. All food comes with either nutrition or toxins so choose wisely. Everything in moderation.

Everybody's needs are different. It's important to give yourself the proper amount of sleep. Your body is working 24/7. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Bring as much joy into your life as possible. It is a scientific fact when you smile you release happy endorphins in your brain. Smiling is contagious and brings joy into the lives around you.

Don't lose yourself during the parenting process. It's important to still feed your soul along with feeding your child's. Continue to express yourself through crafts, sports, reading, music or exercise. Whatever your hobbies and passions are don't put them on hold for eighteen years. Incorporate them into your parenting life.

Releasing energy through movement or exercise is very beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Ride a bike, take a nature walk, yoga, play handball, golf or walk your dogs. Take a walk with your child. Do whatever it takes to not be stagnant.

Conscious Parenting Tip #2 – Parenting With An Open Mind

Conscious parenting is a way of parenting with an open mind, bringing your authentic self into your teachings, discussions, and understandings. To those parents who are having problems and bucking heads with your children we encourage you to let go of the need to be fully in control and explore parenting with a new approach. The children of today are needing engaging, transparent, intuitive, ever expanding parenting. Being in the present moment, allowing your child to illuminate themselves is one of the best gifts you could give your child.

Here comes a little fuzzy warning. In the beginning, when you parent from this state of mind you may find….

You're children may mature emotionally quicker than their peers. They might even have a harder time fitting in and finding their tribe.

Emotionally intelligent children will call their parents out on their own B.S.(use your imagination), ready or not you can't hide behind your own limiting beliefs.

Conscious parenting is knowing your children are wise spirits who have chosen to have a human experience.

Allowing your children to express themselves freely does take a parent with an open mind.

Each child comes with their own passion, purpose, and path to walk. It's up to you to guide and hold their hands while they discover who they are. We should not mold them from our thoughts and belief systems.

They come with new energy and are sculpting new paths each and every day.

Conscious Parenting Tip #3 – Be Present With Your Parenting

Being present with your parenting is definitely a personal life choice. This doesn't mean you are the perfect parent. It just means you have chosen to commit yourself to the journey of parenting. You know the importance and the value of your parenting. You have taken on one of life's most precious gifts and endearing challenges. Being thoughtful, committed and present with your child teaches them you respect them and shows them that they matter.

Take time to think through your parenting choices, your answers, your examples as this will affect your children throughout their life.

Children know when they are being brushed aside or when you are one hundred percent in the moment. Our focused listening from within can really tune in our sensitivities, bringing us a wealth of insight about ourselves and the world around us.

Listening, We mean really listening to your child can provide valuable information about them as individuals. Some children have a hard time expressing themselves. If you raise them in an intentional conscious way you will sense this and be able to talk about and walk them through their issues and fears that may arise or that they may be trying to hide.

Remember you are raising a future adult who will go on to parent their own children. Your choices, actions, and thoughts do matter! Stay tuned, more conscious parenting tips are on the way!

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