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3 Ways to Love the Journey Even Though the Destination Still Seems Far Away

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If you're reading this, there's no doubt that you have ambitious goals.

With any ambitious goal comes prerequisites such as hard work and grit.

Easy to say, "Oh I'll just work hard to achieve this and that," isn't it?

Right now you're probably in the middle of everything and it seems like a rollercoaster ride.

Except you know that the rollercoaster ride will be over in a few minutes.

The timeframe to your goal?

Still highly unknown.

But the journey is exactly what it's about.

If we're constantly thinking about what we should do next and not be grateful for the opportunity that we get to do what's right in front of us, we will never be happy.

I'm also on this risky but extremely rewarding journey called entrepreneurship so I know how it's like.

I've had my small share of multiple failures, success, and times when I didn't know what to do.

Some decisions I make enable me to take a few steps ahead, and then some that pull me back again.

This is all a part of it.

However, in every step that we take, we learn lessons that get us closer to be ultimately where we're meant to be.

Here are 3 ways to love the journey and remind you why you started:

Rethink Your Purpose.

It's easy to get lost in all the pile of work.

Endless paperwork, client meetings, boardroom meetings, hiring, firing, and others that make your head want to explode.

But you have to look at it with another perspective and see the bigger picture.

Why did you start in the first place?

Whether it's losing weight or growing your business, you started because you thought about your purpose.

The journey to discovering my life purpose involved lots of confusion, struggle and doubt but once it was clear, I do whatever it takes to get myself out there and make sure to live it out.

Personally, I believe that my life purpose is to help people through entrepreneurship by building businesses that provide win-win situations.

Something I love to do that's also needed in the market, then ultimately impacts people's lives.

I'm not perfect and there are still unavoidable times I find myself complaining about the little things (I'm still human).

But whenever I do, I don't dwell on them for long periods of time unlike before.

Thinking about my purpose makes me feel better, and makes the task feel lighter.

The perfect material to back this item up would be Simon Sinek's "Start with Why." You can read his book or watch his TED talk, and when I'm lost, I would go back to it.

Remember the bigger picture.

It's the little things that make it up.

Know that the Journey Shapes You.

What is your goal right now?

Lose weight?

Okay. POOF! You're suddenly 15 pounds lighter.

How do you feel?

Temporarily satisfied.

I won't be surprised if you gain it all back a few months later.

Why? Because you didn't work for it.

And when you don't work for things, their value to you is significantly lower.

Which is why things that are worth it takes time, hard work, and patience.

You risk failure, but that changes you as well.

One business I have is an employment agency, and in order to win clients' hearts and approval, we would need consistent credibility, an excellent reputation, and relentless marketing pursuits.

If I got those clients effortlessly, that's great, but there's also a bigger possibility of losing them just as fast.

Because of the time and work I exerted, which in that case was none.

Am I a better person because I acquired them with no work?


There was no improvement in my skills and character, so the destination didn't completely serve its purpose.

With any destination, don't be afraid of the mountain.

Embrace the climb.

We come out stronger, better and more resilient.


It's proven scientifically that we go back to things that reward us.

So reward yourself and celebrate when you or your company achieves both small and big milestones.

Acquired a new client?

Finally finished a new logo design for project number two? Celebrate!

There's nothing wrong with celebrating victories because they motivate us to move forward.

Just make sure not to overdo it.

In the journey to success, the most rewarding is often not the destination.

It is the process.

The day to day tasks, the mundane and the little things.

Many little steps joined one after the other is what makes success possible. Keep doing little stuffs every day. Don't give up!" – Israelmore Ayivor, Mine Your Gold: How to Dig Up and Optimize Your Hidden Greatness

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