7 Things People Will Automatically Judge You On

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Whether we like it or not, there is always going to be someone in the bunch who is going to judge you for something. We live in a society where we all strive for normalcy and any thing too out of our comfort level warrants a good judging. I've noticed people are pushing boundaries lately, finally, and judging has reached an all time high because of this. Wouldn't this be a beautiful brilliant world if we all just accepted each other for who we are as unique individuals? Maybe one day we will see this.

Until then, we will be judged, endlessly. So who's the target, what's the cause and why does this continue? People judge mostly out of fear. We are afraid of what that person looks like, does or says because it goes against everything we were taught, we don't understand it and we are afraid. It sounds ridiculous but it's true. Anything that pushes us outside our comfort zone will cause fear, and with fear, we make excuses, we procrastinate and we judge.

Here is just a small list of some of the things we all get judged on, whether we like it or not. I have not included skin colour simply because that one goes without saying. In this world of racism and prejudice, we don't need to bring that up here. We already know it exists. It's our job to eliminate it.

1. Your clothes.

Without a doubt, this automatically gets you judged. Dress too nice, you'll be judged as a rich snob, dress too poor you'll be judged as a loser. Too casual? You'll be considered unambitious. Too risqué or sexy? Well, you can guess what your label will be. When did we forget that our clothes only define our style, not us?

2. Your voice.

Oh yes, depending on what your voice sounds like you will either instantly turn people off or draw people to you. High pitch squeaky voice will get you judged as a whiny complaining person, I know, go figure, but people do that. Trust me. Rough raspy voice, people will think you are rough around the edges and perhaps a tad untrustworthy.

3. The way you spend your money.

If they think you are saving like a miser, they will think you are just cheap. If you spend too much, you will be considered a show off. If you give too much to charity, they just might have something nice to say about you. If you don't have much they will think you are not smart enough to get a decent paying job.

4. The way you stand.

If you stand with your arms folded across your chest they will think you are bossy or arrogant. If you stand with your shoulders hunched over and your head down, they will think you are lazy or you have really low self-esteem. If you stand with your head held high and shoulders back, you will be considered super confident but borderline cocky. (I know, there's no winning this game)

5. What you do for a living.

Yup. They like to judge that too. If are a cashier at your local grocery store they will think you have no ambition. CEO at a big company ? They will think you're a big shot who maybe got there with the help of family. Stay at home mom? You can just imagine what they're saying about you (remember, people who judge are mean).

6. Where did you buy that?

Careful where you shop because people will tear that to pieces too. If you shop at the value store, you guessed it, you're cheap. Prefer the designer stores? Show off. I know many people who get great designer clothes at the bargain stores and will continue to shop at those stores and spend the money they saved on other things like travel. Oh what a life.

7. Your family.

Because you know whatever is wrong with it is all your fault and people will need to point the finger at you. Your family is messed up and so are you. Your family is full of alcoholics and so are you. Your family is… and so are you. It doesn't really matter what your family is or isn't, you can be sure you are getting pegged with the rest of them.

What a sad state we live in, where no matter what you do or say or where or work, you will be judged regardless. My advice is always, be you, no matter what and let them talk. They're simply jealous of your brilliance.

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