5 Tools to Heal and Overcome Emotional Breakdowns

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Emotional breakdowns come in all sizes and for the simplicity of this article, we aren't discussing mental or nervous breakdowns. We'll leave those issues to the professionals. From the death of a loved one to the breakup of a marriage or job loss. We've all had to deal with one, or many, in our lifetime. Emotional breakdowns suck the life out of us and we are absolutely convinced we can't handle it or deal with it (whatever trauma is happening at the time) and we wish we knew how to cope better. Trying to deal with a marriage breakdown, for example, and still maintain some normalcy while going to work every day and raising a family as well, can sometimes just be too much for even the strongest person in the room.

breakdownIs there an easy way to deal with emotional breakdowns? Well, easy is all about perception really. What some find possible to manage others experience extreme difficulty in getting to the next phase. Here I will share with you some tools that may help alleviate some of the sadness and anxiety that comes with emotional breakdowns.

1. Embrace your sorrow.

First and foremost, you should definitely feel it and embrace it. Holding it in and keeping it bottled up inside is not going to help you at all. Recognize your sorrow and take the necessary time to feel it. (not too long of course) Cry, scream, do whatever you have to, short of harming yourself or others of course, and let all those emotions be free. You need to live them and release them.

2. Journal.

Write out everything you are angry or sad about. If you want to write a letter to a person who hurt you, then do that too (but sending it might not b e such a good idea). Writing things out is very therapeutic as it is an easy and natural way to get all our emotions out of us and on paper.

3. Sleep.

Take naps if you have to. Take many. Don't fight your body if it is calling you to go lay down. Listen to it and do it. Emotional breakdowns actually use up a lot of our energy and you may find yourself feeling very tired or downright exhausted. Go lay down. Go to bed earlier in the evening. Sleep in a little later in the morning if you can. Your body wants you to sleep. Do it.

4. Call up an old friend and go do something fun.

Go see a silly movie or go for a walk on a nice hiking trail. Go play miniature golf or go kart racing. Whatever you feel, but get out and do fun things. This will help you take your mind off of things even for a little while and get a bit of happiness in you. This step is pretty important. You can't stay locked up in your room forever in grief. You need to connect with people who will make you smile. Next time a friend calls and invites you to go somewhere fun don't say no, just go with them. It's an easy way to heal your heart.

5. Spend some time alone.

With your thoughts. Find out why this situation is bad and why it's good. See what you can learn and take from it. How can you grow from this? Take the time to learn and discover who you are. What is it that you need in your life that will better you in the future. Are you lacking in self-worth or self-love? This would be a great time to find out how to achieve these. Also take this time to do nice things for yourself that maybe you haven't done in a long time. It's all about nurturing you and your heart.

Healing a broken heart is a very hard thing to do. Some of us carry the pain forever, some of us carry it but learn how to live with it and some of us deal with it and move on. Obviously not all pain is the same but if you can learn how to deal and let go, moving forward and past the pain will only benefit you in the days, months and years to come. No one likes to be sad and we are all here to experience joy. Always try to choose joy over carrying around sorrow.

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