3 Crucial Facts You Need To Know To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

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Has the Law of Attraction failed you? Why does it for for other people, but not you?

Still searching for the magic that can manifest your desires?

Back in 1978 I learned how to attract things when I took a class called Silva Mind Control. I was a mess at the time and was trying to find ways to feel more positive. Because Silva Mind Control but was about controlling my own mind, I thought I'd give it a try.

Imagine my surprise when I used the techniques and they worked. At first I attracted tangible items. A gold VW Bug. The classy apartment I had coveted for years. Later, I attracted a high paying prestigious career as a broker at Merrill Lynch.

After the class I was so excited I told anyone who would stand still and listen about this new way of thinking. Most shook their heads and chuckled at my naivete.

My interest never waned and when the movie The Secret came out, I was super excited because it started to become a huge topic.

I know you want to believe in positive thinking. Because you know when you're more positive, life just feels more sunny.

You may not know this yet, but, positive thinking does work!

Without fail.

But if you ignore these facts, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels and never achieving your goals and living the life you dream about.


Ever notice that some people can be positive and seem to get what they want – almost immediately?

Wouldn't you love to just have a positive thought get what you want?

You could have a thought and "poof" your perfect partner rings your doorbell!

Need a new car? Poof!

Can you imagine a world where that happens all the time? If everyone who wanted a new car got it at the same time, who knows what crazy chaos would occur. If there weren't enough cars to go around, then what would happen?

Luckily the Law of Attraction has time on it's side.

One appealing aspect of the Law of Attraction is the pleasure in the journey.
Thinking, feeling, imagining, and expecting are all great feelings we can enjoy for as long as we want.

The truth is, if we got everything immediately, then we'd miss out on all those pleasurable feelings.


A wish is a desire, or a want.

It works like this:
First you notice that something is lacking in your life. Then you focus on what you want.

For example, if you wish for your perfect partner to show up, you first notice that feeling of being lonely. Wishing that you could be with someone who makes you happy.

Then you hope things will change.

Wishing is really a fleeting thought.

The Law of Attraction however has more dimension and complexity and doesn't respond to simple wishes because to get where you want to be, you must include your expectations and feelings of enjoyment as if you already achieved your goal.

Kind of like the difference between watching one frame of your favorite movie versus enjoying the whole film.

You've got to experience it to get it.


Creating and experiencing the feeling as if you have already achieved your goal is the most important part of achieving your dreams.

Because if you don't pay attention to your feelings, you can end up wasting years of your life – stuck in wishing and hoping.

You'll be spinning your wheels. You'll be stuck on the hamster wheel of life, repeating the same things over and over.

When you find yourself feeling bad about what is going on in your life right now, then that is what you'll continue to attract. More bad feelings.

Remember, that first you must pay attention to your feelings. Then you can change them. You can choose to focus your attention on how you want to feel – as if you are already there.

When you do that, you'll notice that your attitude, and actions will change more easily.

You will find yourself doing something different – without struggle – and feeling the joy of expectation in your heart.

That's when you open the door to your personal growth and development.

The secret is that your journey is just as important as your goal.

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