12 Things The Happy Single Woman Wants You To Know

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It's beautiful to see couples walking down the street holding hands, smiling and happy. You can almost feel their love for each other. They are glowing. It truly is beautiful. Walking right behind them is a single woman and she looks pretty darned happy too. She's smiling and glowing and has a wonderful light skip in her step.

Gone are the days when seeing a woman by herself was a sad thing. It seems today, women are taking back their power and are completely happy just being single and alone. But how can that be? We are programmed in this society to believe we function better as a unit. Two people together as one, making things happen. Nope. If you look around, it seems single women are happier than their married friends, and here's why.

Woman relaxing in a warmth park1. I don't need a husband.

I don't need a partner and I don't need a significant other. I am significant on my own. I'm enough and I don't need anyone to make me whole. I spent too many years relying on others for happiness. It's been in me all this time.

2. Don't feel sad for me.

I'm not lonely. I don't need or want sympathy. Really. I'm good on my own. I don't feel sad at all nor should you. I have never been happier. If I want company, I can call up any friend for a date.

3. I really am truly happy.

I know it's hard to believe because society thinks it takes two to make a happy person. Such is really not the case. I spent too long trying to please somebody else. It's time for my own happiness now.

4. Please no more blind date suggestions.

Thank you, but I'm ok. No really. I'm sure your friend Jack is wonderful and he's a great guy. I'm sure he is. I'll find my own Jack when I think I might be ready for some companionship

5. Freedom really is beautiful.

I am free to come and go as I please. Eat when I want, what I want, as much or as little as I want. Go where I want or not want. I've never felt more free than as I do now and it's truly beautiful.

6. Going out to dinner alone isn't an embarrassing thing.

I actually enjoy my company and I also like to people watch. So really, I'm good. I enjoy the time away from all the madness to sit and reflect with a nice meal and a beverage.

7. Missing companionship isn't what you think.

I do miss it at times but it's not like you would imagine. At times I miss having someone special to leave love notes or text me sweet things. It's little things like that. Not sex or physical intimacy. The little things that give you the butterflies in your tummy feeling.

8. Speaking of sex.

It's not really on the forefront of my mind everyday so missing it really doesn't happen. I'm not going to hook up with Jack just for sex. Meaningless sex does nothing for me. Don't get me wrong, of course sex is great but … .use your imagination. It's all good.

9. Travelling alone is challenging but fun.

I remember going on trips with my previous partner and it was nothing but hell. Travelling is so much more enjoyable and I get to spend time meeting new people and other solo travellers.

10. A lot of things are challenging actually but I learn as I go.

Like how to put air in my car tires, how to drywall, paint, screen windows, check the oil in the car and other rand om little things I never used to know how to do. I do now. I learn as I go and I'm actually very proud of myself for all the things I have learned.

11. Great pride.

I have lots of that. Not only because of all the things I have learned how to do on my own but because of how much I've grown and how I faced fear and challenges head on and smashed them.

12. Having the whole bed to myself is fantastic.

Sure it's nice to cuddle every now and then but let me tell you, knowing that the blankets are going to be all mine and so is the middle of the bed and no one snores in my ear, yes knowing all this every night when I go t o bed, is heaven, pure heaven.

Maybe one day I may want a partner, but for now, I'm pretty happy in my own skin and with my own company. Yes, I'm fussy, but I deserve the very best.

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