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10 Traits Of Highly Irresistible People

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You know who they are. You can spot them a mile away. They have smoke coming off their heels. People stop and watch them walk down the street. They have this air of I'm so irresistible it is undeniable. They walk in a room and the whole room stop, lights up and smiles.

Yes, that person. we all know at least one person like that. How do they do it? How is it that they are so charming, so irresistible yet they really are just your everyday gal or guy? Here are some of the traits that make these people magnetic.

irresistible_people1. They have a no bull zone.

These people can be trusted no matter what. They don't take any bull from anyone nor do they dish it out. You want a confidante? This is the person most people will turn to. You need a straight up answer? Look no further. This person has no time for crap and because of that, everyone admires them.

2. They are the real deal.

Nothing fake about them. They don't put on a crazy persona to try to be who they aren't. They know exactly who they are and don't feel the need to hide behind a façade. If you are looking for someone to maybe lie to you about things to make them sound nicer, this isn't your person. A spade is a spade. Period.

3. They wear self confidence very well.

Almost like they were born with it. They hold their head up high but not so high they look down their nose at you. Not that high. Most of them have been through the ringer and back and know what it's like to suffer and struggle to regain self confidence. They aren't cocky and confident. Just confident. And it's admirable.

4. They have lived a real life.

They haven't had things handed to them. They have had to work hard, very hard to get to where they are now and they are more than happy to help the fellow man who is going through hard times. They are book smart and street smart and can easily relate to any and all. They are usually the go to person for anyone with any kind of problem.

5. They smile effortlessly.

Regardless of the hard life they have endured, and most of them have, they still smile and are very quick to share a smile or a hug with a stranger. They don't have a chip on their shoulder nor do they hold grudges. They have lived through trials and adversities and came out smiling.

6. They treat everyone with the same level of respect.

It doesn't matter if you are homeless, or a high powered CEO of some big corporation. They will treat each and every person they meet the same way. With great respect and care. People are people no matter where you go is their philosophy.

7. No petty stuff here.

They don't like to gossip or engage in any negative small talk like that. No rumour spreading here. The only time they will talk about people is to praise them and give them credit for things. They won't judge or tarnish anyone's reputation with small minded trash talk. People know this and can't help to admire them for this beautiful trait.

8. They love people, not things.

They might be successful and maybe even be financially well off but remember they worked hard for that. But the big thing here is that doesn't go to their head and they don't waste time showing off or flaunting their riches. They love to share their riches with others, especially the less fortunate. They genuinely and truly love to help others. That's what makes them the most admirable.

9. They pay attention.

They love to listen to you and give you their undivided attention. There are no cell phone distractions here. If you need someone to talk to or need an unbiased opinion about something, this is the person you can depend on. Being dependable puts them on the top of everyone's list for the go to person.

10. Good vibrations.

They give off nothing but good vibes. All the time. They smile easily, they talk confidently, they walk with their held high and they have a beautiful warm glow around them. People are magnetically drawn to their vibe. You can feel it. It's that strong.

Do you know someone like this? The irresistible person is a beautiful, trusting and loving person. Everyone should have this type of person in their life as a good friend.

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