10 Things Single Happy People Want You To Know

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Are they happy, sad, lonely, depressed, ecstatic? They say they are ok but are they really? We wonder how they can live like this, alone and single. They've been this way far too long. Surely they must be lonely. The married or attached person sometimes has a hard time figuring out the single person. Some might actually even be a tad envious of their life. You should be. The single person has some interesting things they want you to know about their super cool life.

Many are single on purpose while others simply haven't found a suitable partner. Some wish they weren't alone and long to have a partner, but not just any partner. Unfortunately, there are some who will choose anyone over loneliness. This is never a good idea. Whatever the case may be, here are a few things you should know.

happy_single1. Don't feel sorry for us.

We're not sorry. We're pretty darned happy actually. Ok so maybe it can be a bit of a struggle trying to find a date to events with the rest of you guys but honestly, we're happy to go alone if we have to. It's ok. Really. we enjoy our own company so much, we're not really alone anyway.

2. Please no more blind dates.

I know you mean well and you would like to see me with the guy who works in cubicle #24 but really, I'm ok for dates. If I want to go on a date or feel the need to, I'm pretty capable of finding my own. If I can't find one, I'll go solo and be open to whatever comes my way.

3. We don't always want to talk about sex with you.

Especially as you are getting it and we are, well, you know, not. Yes, we would like to have sex, no we won't go out and get it with a stranger. We don't need or want it that bad. We don't really want to have the sex toy conversation with you either. It's rather private, thank you.

4. Yes, your spouse is hot, no we don't want them.

Just because we are single doesn't mean we are eyeballing every single specimen of the opposite sex and fantasizing about them. We can appreciate beauty just like the other guy. We don't necessarily want to have sex with everything we see. Remember, we kinda like being single.

5. I am picky, you're right.

Why does that bother you? I can be picky if I want. I'm not looking to get married anytime soon but if I did, the next person has to be absolutely perfect for me. I won't settle for less. I've done that for far too long. I know my worth and I won't budge.

6. I could be single forever.

And that's ok too. not everyone in the world has to get married. Some of us can just be single and happy. We go out when we want, we date when and who we want, we live our life for ourselves and still get to enjoy the company of our friends and family at any time. Being single has many many perks.

7. And speaking of perks.

Our life is full of them. Freedom, peace, happiness, no stress, total contentment. There are tons of perks of being single so we don't necessarily want you to set us up on a date. We really are pretty happy on our own. I know, it's crazy to even think that.

8. Don't insist I come out with you and your friends all the time.

I'm really not lonely. Refer back to #1. You don't have to feel sorry for me, I don't. I love my alone time and when you call and insist I come out with you, as much as I appreciate you thinking about me, really you need to understand, I'm ok alone.

9. You can still talk to me.

Even though I'm single you can still tell me your love life problems. I've been in relationships before, remember? I know what it's like and maybe I can even give you some unbiased advice or another perspective. Don't feel like you can't talk to me anymore.

10. I really do love going out for dinner and to the movies alone.

Sounds bizarre but it's very relaxing for me. To sit and not have to entertain anyone feels very peaceful and stress-less. Going out alone offers me the opportunity to make new friends and forces me to talk to other people and meet new people and that really is super fun.

The single life can be a happy one indeed.

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