9 Ways To Get That Person Off Your Mind

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You know who that person is. The one who pissed you off in the grocery store. The one who cut you off in traffic. It also could be your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or an old high school chum who came out of nowhere and said something really mean. Whoever the person is, you know exactly who it is. You can't stop thinking about them and the thoughts aren't even good. So how do we get them off our mind, once and for all?

As much as we like to hang on to happy memories we also like to cling to shit memories too. The ones that really hurt us or angered us. For some reason, we hold onto them for dear life rehashing the whole incident and what they said. We play it over and over like a bad movie t hat we can't get enough of. We know it's not good for us but how do we stop? Here are a few tricks that might work for you.

off_your_mind1. Change the channel.

Sounds easy enough and it really can be if you apply it properly. As soon as you start thinking about them, immediately click the remote control and visualize another person but not just any person, a happier person. Someone you actually enjoy spending time with.

2. Call a friend.

Who knew. Don't call them to talk about that person you can't get off your mind, call them and talk about fun things, happy things, any thing but that person. Call the happiest friend you know. That's the one who will change your mindset in seconds.

3. Write them a letter.

Not one you actually send to them but a private one. Get it all out. Tell them how you feel and tell them you are booting them out of your head once and for all. You can type it out on your computer or write it out on a pad with a pen. The method isn't as important as getting it all out. Write it and release it. Do this as often as you have to until you no longer think about them.

4. Forgive them.

Yes, I know, this one is a tough one. It's so necessary to aid in your healing and happiness. You can forgive them in person, or simply through prayers and journaling. Either way, forgiveness, though hard as it is, will release them from your mind a lot sooner.

5. Talk it out.

Even to them if you have to. Call them and just tell them how you feel, why you feel like that, sort it out and be done with it. Nothing ever gets resolved by silence and if it's anger or hurt you're feeling, you can quite possibly talk it over and be done with it. The nasty thoughts will be dealt with and not come back.

6. Get creative.

Draw, paint, write, sing or engage in any other fun and creative thing. Soon you won't be thinking of them anymore and you'll be smiling and laughing and singing. Creativity soothes and cures the soul and the mind.

7. Play with puppies.

Or kittens or any other cute little furry critter that needs love and attention. Go to the park and feed the chipmunks. There is something about 4 legged fluffy baby things that just makes everyone smile and feel happy again. Go find one or two or 10.

8. Read a book.

A mystery novel, a comic book, maybe even a hot and steamy romance novel. Reading will certainly replace evil thoughts of that person with thoughts of intrigue, suspense and love. A good book is a cure for many things.

9. Meditate on them.

Why are you hanging on? Is there something you need to release? Let the emotions go in and out. Don't try to analyze it just let it flow through you. As you breathe in the power of forgiveness, blow them out. Before you knock it, try it. You'll be amazed at how much better you will feel.

It's not always easy to stop thinking about someone who wronged us but it's not impossible either. Have hope. They won't be in your head for long after these few tricks.

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