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10 Things Confident And Smart People Say Daily

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You know that lady in the office down the hall, the really confident one. She has got her shit together and isn't afraid to show it off. Not in an egotistical cocky way but in a super sexy confident way. She's humble, proud, smart and intriguing. That girl has got it all. And then there's the guy who works at the bank. He's got a smile that could light up a room, a handshake that assures you that he's your guy. Also super confident. What is it about these people? What do they have that you don't?

First and foremost, these people probably weren't born this way. They either came from struggle which is where a lot of successful people come from or they came from determination and ambition. Whatever the case, they worked hard at it. One of the main things in their confidence toolbox is self talk. They know how to talk to themselves for success and confidence. Here is a small sample of some of the things you might catch them saying out loud (or you may even hear them mutter under their breath).

confident1. I can do this.

They say it and they believe it. They mean it and they say it with great conviction. They know whatever it is, they can do it. If they don't know how, they will find a way. If the way is hard, they will figure it out and do it anyway.

2. Eff you fear.

They face fear boldly, challenge it and flick it away. They know that they are going to come up against things that they may not like, things that are going to terrify them and things that they simply don't want to do. They also know that to get to the next level, they must face that fear. So they do it.

3. We are all here to win.

They don't want come out ahead and laugh at the little guy. They want everyone to win and they are happy to help others succeed too. They know and understand that success is for everyone, not just them.

4. I was born for this.

Whatever it is, they know it's theirs. It was meant for them. If it's a challenge or a prize, they know it crossed their path because it was meant to and they don't question it. They accept it and move on.

5. Today is a good day to be happy.

They start their day happy and continue on their happy path throughout the day. They know it's important to start the day smiling and being grateful for the life and abundance they have, even if they don't have great riches, they are thankful for life.

6. Something good is coming my way.

They know it, they believe it and they feel it. They don't know what it is but it could be a person, a work opportunity or a gift. They know something good is coming and they welcome it. They know to stay on that high vibration of giving and receiving.

7. Thank you for my awesome life.

They say thank you many times throughout the day but they don't start their day without it. They immediately are grateful for another day, another gift and they rise confidently and full of happiness and love in their heart.

8. I will figure this out.

They know they don't have all the answers and sometimes they have to figure certain things out. They will dig through books, ask questions, no matter what they have to do, they will do it to get the answers they need. They love to sniff around and do research. A great way to learn.

9. I am enough.

They remind themselves daily that they are enough and they are ok exactly as they are, faults and all. They accept their flaws and imperfections and don't try to change for anybody or impress anyone. They are who they are and they change and improve only for themselves, no one else.

10. I get better every day.

They know they will learn new things today and work toward improving their lives but they also know that tomorrow they will know and learn even more. Every single day they are open to learning and growing and bettering themselves. They stay open to this daily.

They not only say these things to themselves daily, they believe it all. This helps with their confidence. They convince themselves they are great, smart, successful, confident and happy. And so it is.

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