10 Signs You Are In The Right Relationship

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The dating scene is a tough one. These days with the online dating scene taking over the more traditional methods, you just never know who or what you're getting anymore. We tread carefully, always keeping one foot in the other direction, ready to bolt at a moment's notice. Caution is necessary more now than ever before. It's hard to know really if you are getting into the right relationship.

As we move forward into the first year of dating, we lesson our grip on the door handle and start relaxing a little more in the company of our new partner. The questions and doubts are almost non existent. The odd red flag still pops up but for the most part, we're doing ok. As we go into year two we're pretty confident that this person just might be the one. If you recognize any of the signs below, you might be in the right relationship for you.

relationship_give_takeYou don't have to watch your words.

You know that no matter what you say, your partner will either laugh it off, shrug it off, or call you out on it. There doesn't have to be a filter, mind you that's independent of being rude or mean which you should never do anyway, and you know your partner will not judge you.

No judging ever.

Your partner accepts you and all of you. Your flaws, imperfections, even your crazy family (and they won't judge you based on your family either). They love you just the way you are and think you are the best. Ever. Your partner doesn't judge anyone, period.

No changing.

Unlike some partners in the past who wanted you to change your clothes, your hair, your perfume/cologne or even your job, this new partner isn't interested in changing any part of you except maybe your marital status to married. They take you just the way you are.

Patience is beautiful.

One of you has lots, the other one doesn't. What a perfect balance. If you are the one with no patience, your new partner has a wonderful way of calming you down. If they have no patience, they gladly accept and appreciate yours. Such a great combination, really.


Lots of it. They give it, well, freely. You can go out with your friends, have a great time and never have to answer a million trust related questions. They are happy you have your own social circle still and encourage you to go out and have fun with them. Feel like a solo road trip? They'll encourage that too and maybe even pack you a little snack bag for the road.

We are equals.

You both cook, do dishes, take out the garbage, look after the dog/cat, whatever the chore is. They are more than happy to chip in and do their part. There is no such thing as, that's your job. There is no squabbling over whose turn it is. Stuff just gets done by both of you, equally, no questions or quips about it.

Let me hold you.

There is compassion and lots of it, especially when you need it. even if you're just having a plain old shitty day, they get it, and will offer up a shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk to. If you want to scream and shout about work, they'll listen to that too, and then patiently calm you down.

Let's get crazy.

The wild side sometimes needs to be released and you can certainly do it with this person. They are in the car waiting for you to get ready! You two have a no holds bar attitude towards adventure. And it's good, so good.

Like minded people stick together.

It's always nice to know that what you value, they value and the causes you believe in, they believe in them too. Volunteering your thing? they are right there with you lending a hand.

I'm your biggest fan.

If you have a plan or an idea or some crazy thought about doing something out of this world, they stand by you 100% and cheer you on. They are more than happy to offer a hand, advice if you need it but most importantly, encouragement and support. They want you to succeed just as bad as you want it.

Clearly, there are many more signs that you are in a great relationship but these are pretty solid ones. What can you add to this list?

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