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What does being successful actually mean? Success is a very wide term and there is not a single definition that can describe success. However, the right question is actually "“ what does it take to be successful? Well, it takes discipline, determination and many other things that we all possess more or less.

Nowadays, people have various things that can help them achieve success and computer is certainly one of them. Of course, a computer by itself is not enough for that and what everyone who wants to be successful needs to do is start using the right tools that are offered in order to boost his or her success and start leading a successful lifestyle. Let's see now what tools that can help us with achieving and leading a successful lifestyle are.

increase_your_productivityiMindQ "“ a tool to organize your thought process successfully

In order to achieve great success and lead a successful lifestyle, one has to have a very good idea. However, the idea itself is not enough and the whole thought process needs to be put down in paper. In order to successfully organize your thoughts, you should definitely consider using iMindQ which is a tool that helps you do exactly that. As a matter of fact it functions as a mind mapping tool, where you start with the most general things about your idea and break them down to more specific.

Freedcamp "“ organize your life into one big project

Achieving success is not easy at all and the main thing that most of us lack is organizational skills when it comes to organizing our own life. One tool that can definitely help everyone become better at organizing not only their life but everything is Freedcamp. Freedcamp is a very simple tool to use and one only needs to know the basics of Internet browsing in order to see what it has to offer. For example, you can make a task and then keep its progress by dragging and dropping it through the various stages.

IFTTT "“ connect everything with everything

The certain aspects of our lives certainly require a small amount of automation, especially for those processes that are not really difficult to do but we still have to do them. We cannot really automate our car (yet!) but we can automate all the tools and apps with this great tool called IFTTT. IFTTT (which stands for If This Then That) is a very simple tool that can connect several of your apps and devices and execute a task that you give it. For example "“ if someone uploads a picture of me on Facebook, save it automatically to Google Drive.

RescueTime "“ understand how time-consuming your daily habits are

RescueTime is yet another unique and interesting tool that will help us understand the way we spend our time. It is a fact, of course, that people cannot really have this feeling of time because sometimes time flies and sometimes it drags. For example, imagine you checking your Facebook on your job. You might just say that you will be on Facebook no more than minute and you end up being for 2 hours, watching your neighbor's dog videos. Luckily, RescueTime will keep track of your activities, notify you about the time spent and it will even set the alarm off when you do something for too long.

Pocket "“ stay informed about the topics you like the most

There are too many interesting articles and eBooks connected to the topic that we like and that is likely to bring us success, but we cannot read them all because we are usually too busy doing other things. In order to solve that problem, someone came up with this simple yet brilliant idea of the website (app) called Pocket. In Pocket, you will be able to immediately store all the things that you think might be interesting to you and you can read them later. It seems like bookmarks, but it is actually more than that. In pocket, you can literally put anything and then view it afterwards on any device that you want as long as you have Pocket installed.

Prezi "“ make great presentations in minutes

The thing about achieving success is that you will have to present your ideas and actions many times in front of many important people. In order to present something successfully, you need to create a presentation that will be both captivating and interesting and that will keep the attention of the people who look at it. Prezi is the tool which grants a completely new and unique approach to creating presentations, which is interesting and very simple as well. It is basically a next-gen presentation creator which has already overcome Power Point.

Bitrix24 "“ the ultimate company organization platform

If you are working with people in order to achieve success (which is inevitable, as a matter of fact), then you will need to organize them and keep track of their work. Furthermore, you will have to keep track of all the tasks, projects, finances, etc. Well, Bitrix24 is a platform that offers a solution to all of that by keeping it all in one place and giving you the ability of video chat, document management, social media overview and even their own drive. In other words, this tool is basically all-in-one tool for all the entrepreneurs who want to be successful and who need help in leading their company.

To sum up, achieving success and leading a successful lifestyle seems like a very good idea but in order to make it a reality one should definitely use all that is in his or her power, including using tools that are mentioned in this article. These tools here, among dozens of others that the internet offers will not achieve success instead of you, but if you use them smartly, you will be able to feel a significant boost in your productivity which is, after all, the most important thing in leading a successfully lifestyle.

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