10 Reasons To Talk To Strangers More

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Don't talk to strangers. Stay away from her/him. Don't get too close to them. They could be mean or dangerous. Murderers or rapists even. We've heard this a million times growing up. We know, strangers are simply bad. Period. There was no room for giving anyone the benefit of the doubt back in the days. You just didn't talk to strangers. The end.

Oh have times changed. We still enforce to our children not to talk to strangers, as we should be doing. The strangers today are even more dangerous than the strangers some 10 or even 25 years ago. As adults however, we know the dangers, we can almost sense them, and don't feel the need to be so cautious in talking to strangers. As a matter of fact, it is strangers we find ourselves reaching out to more and more often as we get older. Here's why you should be too.

strangers1. You can be someone s smile for the day.

Some people we find ourselves talking to are actually alone and rarely have any conversation with anyone. They may be shy or introverts or people just stay away from them. You reaching out and talking to them may be the only conversation they have all day and it just might be darn good too!

2. Make a new friend.

Who doesn't need or want one more friend? And this person could end up turning into your best friend in the world, or even your soul mate. You won't know until you strike up a conversation.

3. Learn something new.

Maybe you have been planning a trip somewhere and you happen to run into a stranger in a coffee shop and start talking about your trip. Surprise! They spent two years there and have loads of information for you. How wonderful. They just saved you a ton of boring research and gave you cool tips and tricks you won't find in books.

4. Save their life.

Did you know that quite a few suicides are actually prevented because a stranger reached out and talked someone off the ledge or talked them out of their sadness? Great stories of hope, love and heroism come from two strangers meeting. Be that hero for someone today.

5. Divine intervention.

Whether you believe it or not, sometimes when two strangers meet and talk, it clearly was supposed to happen. One has questions to something perplexing, the other has all the answers. Trust.

6. The missing link.

It could be you've been looking for a job and they need a helper or vice versa. They might need help studying and you are a tutor. It could be they've been looking for someone and you happen to know that person. Oh the possibilities are endless .

7. Cheer you up.

Often when we are cranky, sad or lonely, talking to strangers is a quick and easy way to get cheered up. They may have a funny story for us to make us laugh. On the other hand, they may have a very sad and tragic story for us that will simply remind us of how great our life is.

8. This could be it.

You may very well be standing in front of, and talking to, your life partner. You probably weren't even looking, and neither were they but remember, it s when you least expect it and you aren't looking is when it happens.

9. Wait, are you … ?

Do you have a long lost cousin, half brother, uncle or any other family member who you've been searching for? Or maybe a friend of yours does and this person fits the bill. That s how we find people. By talking to them and hearing their story.

10. Because love makes the world go round.

Reach out and talk to a homeless person today. They have the best stories and they are the ones who need company the most. They are lonely, mostly harmless, and just want to have company. Be that smile and hope for that person today.

Embrace people, spread love and be kind. That s how strangers become friends and the world becomes a more loving place.

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