10 Long Distance Relationship Tests – Are You Able To Overcome These?

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There are many situations and things that can happen which will test a long distance relationship. If your relationship is strong, if you trust each other completely, if you're honest with yourself and your partner and, if you truly love and care for each other you will easily get through any testing situations and trying times.

If you are not yet 100% sure of your feelings for your partner, if you have some doubts about the relationship, if you are not used to being completely open and honest, And if you do not trust yourself or your partner, Any hard times or tests that may arise within the relationship will not be as easy to get through as you may think.

You may be wondering what can truly test a long distance relationship, well here are a few things that can land up playing a huge role in testing your relationship.

long_distance_relationship1. Physical touch is important

This sounds pretty straight forward but as important as holding hands, and hugs and kisses are, they are also rare in a long distance relationship. Physical touch is very special and very needed in any relationship and without having enough physical touch partners sometimes start to look for the physical attention elsewhere. This can be a huge test in a relationship and looking for physical comfort anywhere other than your partner must be avoided as much as possible. Rather turn to pets, family or close friends to try fill this gap in your relationship with hugs and cuddles.

2. You and your partner will spend a lot of time around other people

Because you and your partner are apart most of the time you will both be seeing a lot of other people and not the same people, which can often lead to jealousy.

3.  You will get jealous at some point in the relationship

You will get jealous and guess what? It's normal. Everyone has bouts of jealousy, how you deal with your jealousy is what's important. If jealousy is not dealt with very well it can really test a relationship and cause a lot of problems, if not breakups and heartache.

4.  Time differences make things super difficult

Time differences test a relationship because you cannot always get hold of each other when you want to. Trying to get hold of each other at strange hours of the day is never easy to do.

5.  Not having the end in sight

Having an end point in sight always gives you both something to look forward to. It gives you a point in your relationship when you will be united and it helps you both to keep hope alive.

6.  Not having clear goals set

Set yourself goals in the relationship (even small goals) so that you are always working together towards a certain outcome. It's extremely important to always have clear goals in your relationship and also know when you will be seeing each other or moving back together so that you constantly have something to look forward to.

7.  Long distance relationships are 90% promise

The important thing to remember is that not all promises will be met in a relationship and this can be a huge test for the couple. Even simple promises such as; "I'll call back in 30 minutes" or "I promise we will see each other soon" can be broken by accident or purely because life gets in the way.

8.  Lack of trust

One of the biggest relationship tests is trusting each other. A lack of trust in any relationship can be the end of a relationship.

9.  Becoming bored

Becoming bored is a common occurrence in a long distance relationship due to conversations becoming routine and not mixing things up and creating new and exciting long distance relationship dates.

10.  Not having clear rules in your relationship

Not having clear rules in a long distance relationship can be a huge test as you may cross boundaries that your partner finds unacceptable without even realising you have crossed them. To avoid this from happening always make sure you have clear rules set out from the start of your relationship.

These 10 long distance relationship tests can make or break a relationship. Get through them and your relationship will only be stronger than ever before.
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