21 Positive Expressions That Attract a Better Life

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The words we choose to use become the mantras of our life, and the energy we give off with these words influences what kind of a reality the Law of Attraction will bring us.   Positive phrases give off good vibes that attract a better life.  Unfortunately, negative words and phrases give off lower vibes that attract negativity and unwanted realities.

So while some people may be suffering because of the words and phrases they choose to use, you can do the exact opposite and attract a better life.

Use positive phrases and expressions more often, and more positive things will be attracted to you.   This creates a snowball effect over time, causing the good things in your life to grow and multiply.  Using positive words and phrases is an easy Law of Attraction strategy that anyone can use.

With that being said,  here are a few positive expressions you can use to improve the quality of your life.   These are all common, everyday phrases, so it should be fairly easy to add more of them into your conversations.

21 Positive Expressions That Attract a Better Life

1. It's a beautiful day.

2. The weather's been great.

3. I love it when _____.

4. I'm grateful for ______.

5. Everything's been working out perfectly.

6. She/he is so nice.

7. I'm really thankful for _____.

8. I feel great.

9. I'm so excited.

10. That's fantastic.

11. I'm so proud of _____.

12. I really like_____.

13. I'm so happy about _____.

14. I've got the best _____.

15. That made me smile.

16. Today was a good day.

17. Thank you.

18. I really appreciate_____.

19. You're a good friend/husband/wife/kid/etc.

20. That's hilarious!

21. I can't wait for/to _____.

Do you use any of these positive expressions often? Are there any others you'd add to this list?  Comment below and let me know!

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