The sites behind the blog

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The sites behind the blog

There are many processes that go into making a blog, there are the obvious
like the time, the writing, the promoting etc. However a lot of websites
that we bloggers use are sometimes taken for granted.

Here is a list of websites I use regularly to keep my blog blogging along. "“ At the
heart of my blog background, I check feedburner stats every day to make sure
I am getting it right. If I need to change anything Feedburner is a good
indicator to get me looking ion the right direction. "“ I wouldn't
have a blog without wordpress, I looked at other blog software but WordPress
had the best support and the widgets are brilliant. "“ At the
beginning this was everything, I needed those links to get me higher up on
the technorait ladder, nowadays I don't bother so much I concentrate
on the writing if you link that's great, if you don't that's
great too. "“ Again a statistics
package which is undoubtedly the best stats package out there, a bit hard to
install though so be careful. – Google Adsense is also
a good indicator that you are doing the right thing, I might not get many clickthroughs
compared to some but it's a good tool and brings in some extra cash. The
google sitemap is a great tool and great for search engine rankings, get this
right and you're on your way to the top of the rankings in a few months. "“ A great pinging
service "“ A great little
tool for getting extra traffic, I should be there in a couple of week, I am
currently 26 on the list. The little tool in the sidebar lets you rank
my blog. "“ I use a
host of their software but mainly Microsoft Word, invaluable. "“ again invaluable.
I use Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8 and the occasional time I use Photoshop "“ I have
used this for my blogcast and it's a great piece of software and easy
to install "“ Technically
this is a news site but I have used it to promotoe my articles and manage to
get a few hits each time. "“ another
website which helps to promotoe your own blog. "“ A
source of inspiration "“ Another
great source for all things blogging "“ A
great source for all things writing, wordpress and general blogging. "“ Not
as good as I'd hoped when it came to promoting my articles but still
a great tool for getting your name known.

Last but not least all the readers who read this blog are
what keep me going, even if it's only a handful of regular readers I
still appreciate it.

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Steven Aitchison is the author of The Belief Principle and an online trainer teaching personal development and online business.  He is also the creator of this blog which has been running since August 2006.