This weeks star post 27th November 2006

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picture of hollwood walk of fame with kate hudsons name and quillIt seems these days that I am reading more and more blogs, getting ideas,
expanding my knowledge, reading about beliefs which contradict mine all in
the name of self development.

There are a few great posts I have came across and some I have written about
in previous posts and others I have bookmarked, commented on and wrote to their
authors and engaged in conversation.

I came across Kate Hudson's blog and
thought it was a good blog and gave lots of practical advice. Her blog
has a good quote in it stating "˜Life is a journey towards death and
I plan to take as many meandering side tracks and scenic routes as possible
to make my journey as interesting as I can.'

Her recent post Only
you can change your life
wins this weeks star post, for it's straight
talking no nonsense approach.

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