Anchoring a habit

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Anchoring a habit

I was reading an article written by Gleb Reys Creative Habit Naming and I thought it was a great idea. It got me thinking about how else we could develop habits so that they don't become a chore for us.

anchoring_a_habitIf we anchor a habit to another habit this would increase out chances of developing the new habit. I never really gave it much thought but I have been doing this unconsciously for a number of months.

I have been practicing the law of attraction and part of this involves thinking about my intentions every day and I also think about what I am grateful for every day. When I get up in the morning I go downstairs and turn on the computer. Now my computer being quite old, it takes about 7 minutes to boot and load up all the software etc so I use those 7 minutes to internalise everything I am grateful for in life: My wife, my kids, our health, our love for each other, my job etc and then I go on to visualise my intentions for my life, and I have around 20 at the moment.

I turn my computer on every single morning which is the habit and I now practice my gratitude and intentions which is anchoring the habit to an existing one.

This is a great idea for doing other things we might not necessarily do. For example, I spend about 1-2 hours every day in my car driving to see clients etc. Instead of listening to the radio, I listen to podcasts I have downloaded, books on CD, self help developments books, and my intentions. I also practice speaking in my car gestures and all, it doesn't matter that I look a bit crazy I don't know the people who might be thinking this so what does it matter. I am practicing a seminar in my head I am giving for the "˜law of attraction', it's a 5 hour seminar, and because I haven't really done it before I am quite apprehensive so I am practicing it in the car. So I am anchoring a new habit to the existing habit of driving

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