7 tips for The perfect kiss

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7 tips for fantastic kissing:

Kissing is often an overlooked art when it comes to seducing your partner. Obviously
there are many types of kisses and they can be used in different settings. Here
are some kisses that are used with partners.




Greeting kisses with your partner

  • The hello kiss: A quick kiss on the lips which says "˜hey
    babe, how was your day'.
  • The hello kiss +: A bit longer than the hello kiss, this
    kiss says "˜hey babe, I was thinking about you today (eyebrows raised).
  • Not even in the door kiss: A passionate kiss which says,
    well! It kind of speaks for itself.

Lounging about the house kisses:

  • Just a quick kiss: A quick kiss just to remind them you
    love them
  • Kids are out playing kiss: A longer kiss followed by the
    words "˜the kids are out playing"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦..'
  • You're getting it tonight kiss: passionate, playful,
    long and hard saying "˜I'm horny!!!'
  • Just before sleep kiss: A quick peck on the cheek or lips
    to say "˜goodnight babe'.

Making love kisses:

  • Thank god, the painters have left kiss: Menstrual cycle
    is over and it's time to get back on track
  • I really want you kiss: long, passionate, all over the
    face type of kiss saying "˜I'm hungry'
  • The spiritual kiss: slow, long, softer, passionate which
    says "˜I love you on a deeper level'

There are a million more types of kisses I've only named 10 of our most
popular, sorry! 10 of the most popular ones I have read about and seen on TV. But,
what makes a good kiss? How can you improve your kissing? Here are 7
tips to make that perfect kiss:

  1. Men: Have a good shave, by this I mean a close shave. Women prefer
    passionate kissing when the man has had a close shave rather than the man
    with stubble.
  2. An obvious one this but do not eat strong tasting foods like curry or garlic, unless
    your partner is eating it too.
  3. Do not kiss your partner if you have a mouth infection of any kind, viruses
    can be carried through the saliva when kissing.
  4. Make use of your partners body and kiss them all over, kissing is not just
    meant for the mouth.
  5. Vary your kisses from soft, long kisses to hard and passionate kisses
  6. Kiss with your eyes open and maintain eye contact, most people close their
    eyes when kissing, so keeping your eyes open can be different and fun.
  7. Do it in private. Most people hate seeing other people kissing
    in public. I don't mean the quick pecks I mean the passionate "˜I
    really want you kiss'. Have you ever seen this in the high street,
    it's gross. Leave the passionate kisses in the privacy of your
    home or where nobody can see you.


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