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The Scotsman has an interesting article about the Forbes rich list and the fact that the top 3 people earn 1 million dollars an hour.




WHEN Forbes first rated the United States' richest in 1918, there was just one billionaire. Today, and for the first time, the magazine's annual list of the richest 400 Americans is made up solely of billionaires.

The collective net worth of the wealthiest people rose $120 billion on last year's figure to $1.25 trillion ( £663 billion). I am astonished at this figure and it amazes me that people have the drive and ambition to become the best in their field therefore earning them more money and getting onto this list.

The Top Ten Richest people in America

  1. William H. Gates III
  2. Warren E. Buffett
  3. Sheldon Adelson
  4. Lawrence J. Ellison
  5. Paul G. Allen
  6. Jim C Walton
  7. Christy Walton
  8. S. Robson Walton
  9. Michael Dell
  10. Alice L. Walton

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