The ONE Thing that is Killing Your Hopes, Dreams and Desires in Life

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We all have hopes, dreams and desires in life, it's natural.  We always want to better our lives in some way, to make us feel happier, to make us more wealthy, to have a better career, or just to see our loved ones  happy and settled in life.

We imagine what it would be like to start our own business, to have more money, to stay in a beautiful home, to have better health or imagine how settled and happy our loved ones  could be.  We picture it in our minds and give a little smile to ourselves about how great everything would be if our hopes dreams and desires came true.

And then suddenly another thought crops into our mind….

Have you ever wished for something to happen in your life, and then immediately after wishing for it you say to yourself 'ah! but that'll never happen, but it's a nice dream'?

Or have you ever said 'I hope I get that job I've applied for' and your immediate following thought is 'But there's better, more qualified people than me, there's no way I will get it.'

how about this: 'I hope I meet my perfect partner soon' and then you say to yourself 'But look at me, who would fall for me?'

This one: You are sitting talking with your partner and say 'Imagine what we could do if we were earning double our income, that would be amazing right?' and then your next words are 'It's a nice dream isn't it, but it's never going to happen.'

The Killer of All Your Hopes, Dreams and Desires

That one sentence after all of your wishes, all of your hopes, all of your desires is the very thing that will stop you from getting the things you want in life.  It's nothing to do with not being good enough, it's nothing to do with not being attractive enough, it's nothing to do with not having the intelligence, it's to do with that one statement…

The Negation Statement

The Negation Statement

This is a statement that completely discounts a belief we would like to have,  or a dream we'd like to  have, or a simple wish we make.  It goes something like this:

Wish: I wish I was as wealthy as the Jones's next door

Negation Statement: They've got better jobs than us we'll never make their kind of money


Want: I would love a beautiful house in the country

Negation Statement: It's never going to happen, where would I get the money for that, but it's a nice dream


Wish: I wish I could meet my perfect partner

Negation Statement: But, I've never got the time to meet someone like that


Desire: I'd love to have more confidence in myself

Negation Statement: and I will once I've lost this weight, or once I make more money, or once I get my degree

The negation statement is the killer of all your hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires, and nothing can manifest into your life without getting rid of that negation statement belief.

You see when you have a desire in life you've got to plant the belief in your mind that it is possible to achieve.  This works at the subconscious level.

Your Subconscious Beliefs

When you want to manifest something in your life you initially start with a hope, a desire or a dream of some kind.  The trick to manifesting what you want in life is to make yourself believe it is possible at the subconscious level.

What we currently do is sabotage that belief immediately by using a negation statement

What you need to do is is find evidence to believe that you hope and dreams are possible.

You can do this by asking the right questions of yourself to speak directly to your subconscious mind, for example

I would love a beautiful house in the country

Questions to ask:
What can I do to make that happen?
How much would I really need for me to buy a house in the country?
Who do I know who can help me?
Where would I want my dream house to be?

These questions are all forward thinking, they have hope attached, they have power and the desire to make you find out more and start believing that it really is possible to get that dream house.

A strange and wonderful thing happens when you start to ask questions like this: your subconscious minds gets to work in the background to try and answer these questions, and helps you to spot opportunities to find the answers, it opens up your mind and it won't stop looking for the answers as long as you keep asking the questions.

you see how these questions are different from the questions a lot of us ask ourselves every day, like:

Why am I not wealthy

Why do I not have a good job?

Why does my car always break down?

The questions above will still get answered by your subconscious mind but they are self sabotaging, so you've got to ask questions that give you hope, are open to finding solutions, are thought provoking and generate their own energy.

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I hope you found this useful

Have an Amazing and wonderful journey in life.


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