34 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself

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 It's not the quality of the answers that changes our lives, it's the quality of the question

I've spoken a lot about questions and how a good question can lead us down the path of true personal development.   I wanted to expand just a little more to let you know the components of a good question.

The components of a good question

It's totally fascinating to learn that questions have certain components, and when we know these components for great questions we can start to ask ourselves better questions that move us forward in life.

Here are the five components of a good question:

1) It should look toward an outcome.
2) It is simple and clear
3) Opens new possibilities
4) It is thought provoking
5) Generates energy


With the above in mind I have compiled a list of 34 great questions we can ask ourselves to move our lives forward.

34 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself

1.  What can I do today to reach one of my goals?

2.  When am I most productive?

3.  How can I heal a relationship?

4.  What one thing can I do today to pamper myself?

5.  What are 5 things I am grateful for in my life?

6.  What one thing can I do today that will make a difference in someone else's life?

7.  What is my best quality?

8.  What do I really want to do for a living?

9.  Do I really still want them in my life?

10.  What can I do to earn an extra $10 today?

11.  How long do I watch television for on an average day?

12.  Do I really need all of my "˜possessions?'

13.  When was the last time I read a good book?

14.  When was the last time I said "˜No' to Someone?

15.  Does it really matter what someone else thinks about me?

16.  What do I want to achieve this year?

17.  What is the next big outcome I want to achieve?

18.  What can I do to make myself feel happy?

19.  When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

20.  What are my values in life?

21.  What advice would my future self give me in 30 years time?

22.  What career would I love to be doing?

23.  What steps can I take today that will move me toward my ideal career?

24.  What does my perfect day look like, from when I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night?

25.  What Beliefs are holding me back in life?

26.  What good habits would I like to have in my life?

27.  How can I break a bad habit?

28.  Who am I most inspired by?

29.  What qualities do the people I admire share?

30.  Are my dreams really just dreams or can I make them a reality?

31.  What would happen if I let go of"¦"¦"¦"¦..?

32.  What do I really like about my job?

33.  What one thing would I do differently if I had another chance to live it over?

34.  What one thing am I going to do today after reading these questions?

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