The energy in all of us – part 2

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 In this article, I will look at ways of raising our energy in order to manifest our desires quicker.

If our body and mind is sluggish, it goes without saying that you will not be able to concentrate properly on your desires. If you cannot concentrate on your desires, it will be very difficult to manifest them. Both body and mind have to be flowing with energy in order to send out and receive energy to and from others.

Your whole body is an energy circuit, your brain is the controller of this energy circuit and your mind is the sender and receiver of the excess energy. Your body needs a certain amount of energy to function and once it gets its fill, it has excess energy to give out. It's this excess energy that we can utilise to attract our desires in life.


energy5 ways to raise our energy

Physical "“ If we are physically in good shape and our bodies are functioning well we can raise our energy levels, I don't mean you have to be an Olympic athlete, I am talking about eating well, exercising, all the usual stuff you hear about staying fit. This will help in our quest to raise our energy levels. Some of the ways in which we can aid the physical part of raising energy are:

  • Eating well – There are literally thousands of websites offering free information on eating well, and deep down we all know what is good for us (basically anything that tastes good, in excess, is bad for our bodies). If you are a person with a big appetite you can start raising your energy immediately by eating what your body needs and not what your brain thinks it needs. What if you eat more than you need? It's your choice! Everything in life has a choice attached to it if you choose to eat more than your body needs then that's your choice.
  • Keeping fit "“ we don't need to go running every day but if we do at least some exercise every day, we are keeping our hearts strong. A healthy heart keeps blood pumping round our bodies effectively and reaches our bodies organs in order to nourish them. The trick to a fitness regime is making it a habit. A good blog on this is Craig Harpers blog

Mental "“ How are we to keep mentally healthy if we don't have a proper gauge? Are we "˜normal' if we follow how everybody else acts and behaves in our circle? That is a subjective question; however, I think we all know roughly when we are behaving within the limits of what is acceptable in society.

To keep mentally healthy we can rid ourselves of stress and there are hundreds of ways to do this: meditate, pray, practice solitude, practice being in the moment, do something you love, spend time with your family; anything that gets you thinking about what's important in life.

Spiritual "“ This can be mistaken for being mentally healthy and in some respects can go hand in hand. However Spiritual health is something very different from mental health.

When we are being spiritual we are thinking of others we are forgetting our ego and thinking about the plight of others whether it be family, friends, or others less fortunate in the world. It is also thinking about the bigger questions in life, which can lift us up onto another level, if only for fleeting moments.

One of the best things we can do to lift ourselves spiritually is to practice gratitude. I don't mean pray, I mean count your blessings each morning, start with the fact that you are alive and work from there.

Food "“ we all know which foods are good for us and if we practice eating more fresh food the natural energy from these foods naturally gives us more energy.

Morals and values "“ This is another area, which can greatly enhance our energy. It is another area in which most of know right from wrong and practicing being moral and having good values comes naturally for most of us. Religion, race and culture are forgotten when it comes to morals and values, as we know what is right and how we should treat others.

If you would like to practice good values, you have to sit down and write down the values and principles you want to practice. Having it down on paper can make it more concrete in our minds and easier to practice.

Conclusion I do believe that raising our energy can greatly enhance our ability to attract more desires into our lives. The law of attraction works better when there are fewer blockages in our minds, our bodies and our spirit.

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