The Answer To Life Is In This Post

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This post will change your life forever and it will change it within the space of two minutes. What you will read is roughly 700 words and 700 words later you will be a changed person.

Some of you may not get it, some of you may not be ready for it, some of you will laugh because it was so easy and some of you will be angry with me.

You have everything you could possibly need and it's all inside you, inside your mind, inside your body and inside your heart. All you need to do is realise it. The question is how do you realise it, how do you make it happen?

This post will show you all of this and more and you will look at life in a different light.

change-your-thoughts-zen-ideasI would like to tell you a story first before I go on and show you the answers to life.

I have grown up questioning everything in my life and never really finding answers. I tried to block the questions out with pretending to enjoy life by drinking, taking some drugs, sleeping around, basically everything I could to block out big questions. Questions which would be answered later were not answered earlier because I was not ready.

Teachers came in and out of my life, some fleetingly, some stayed a while and others will be in my life forever.

The very fact that you are reading this blog tells me you too are looking for answers. What are your questions? Are you asking the right questions? How do you know what the right questions are? As you are looking for the answers you are more likely than most to find the right questions and the right answers.

Bear with me, I know you might want to get to the answers I promised, it's worth it.

The books you read on personal development, the blogs you read, the people you listen to in the hope of finding the answers all help on your way to discovering yourself. Having said this you will not find it in any one book, or any one blog or any one person, it is a cumulative effect. Know this as the truth, you cannot find the answers in one book however it does not stop us looking for that book that will tell us everything.

How are you feeling right now at the prospect of someone telling you they have all the answers? Excited, anxious or are you thinking come on hurry up and get on with it.

What makes us excited in life? Is it the thought of attaining our desires and knowing that we will be happy once we have realised our dreams and desires. For two minutes you have read this post and hopefully been excited at the prospect of someone telling you something that may help you in life.

The answer to everything you ever wanted in life is:

The journey is what excites us and keeps us happy, the realised desire can be a let down.

That's it, that's the answer to keeping you happy in life. As you were reading this some of you might have been excited at the prospect of learning something about your life, for two minutes you were excited. It was in those two minutes that you were searching for meaning, it was in those two minutes you forgot yourself and your troubles, it was in the journey of hope that everything seemed possible. It's the journey that keeps us going, it's the journey that will keep you happy.

If you keep the journey in mind and not the outcome you will be a happier person.

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