Star blogger of the week – 6th August 2007

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I first came across Kara-Leah Masina when I was researching guided meditations last week. Her post Ten free guided meditations on the net was very good so I decided to stay a while. It is a great cocktail of spiritual, positive thinking, eastern and western religion, non religious, law of attraction and everyday life.

Kara's writing style is very engaging and it drew me in and I had to read more of the posts. Her conversational style of writing makes it easy to read and the length of the posts can be short, which is a good thing sometimes as it encourages one to read more. Some of the pictures on the posts are also strange and beautiful which makes the blog all the more engaging.

The blog itself is minimalist in design and has a beautiful picture of the sky as it theme heading, I have a strange passion for clouds and this picture really is beautiful to me.

The blog is not overly monetised, at least not above the fold. I notice a lot more ads below the fold which is good for the readers, not so good for Kara-Leah. Having said this I think monetisation is not as important to Kara-Leah.

Another way Kara-Leah hopes to make money is by giving details of her PMO Coaching (Physical Manifestation Overhaul). Having read the series whereby Kara-Leah has a dialogue with Jeff Lilly of Druid Journal I would say the coaching would definitely be worthwhile. The coaching is donation contributions so nobody is excluded from this, however paying for a life change is worth spending the money on.

Ten of the best posts on the blog are:

I hope you enjoy the blog and thank you to Kara-Leah for this blog, it is a breath of fresh air.

Check out Kara-Leah's blog here

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