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Template reality

Recently I have been questioning everything in my life, but most of all reality. I used to think reality was a given, we couldn't change it, it wasn't malleable, we were stuck with what we had. However when I started questioning it, really questioning it some interesting answers were brought up and I had to change my belief about reality itself.

First of all we have to ask what different types of reality are there:

template_realityObjective reality

This is basically when we all agree on roughly what the world and its contents are. For example if the whole world were to look at a snake we could all name it as such, as our idea of a snake is pretty much the same across the world. Now, the same snake might elicit different reactions from people across the world, some people revere snakes others are terrified, others are curious etc, but we still all agree a snake is a snake.

If we transfer this model and put it into our own lives we have no real control over our lives as reality is independent of our thoughts, it will still exist even if we believe it does not.

Subjective reality

Essentially this is when you create the world you live in, you create the people, you create the people having their own ideas, you create the laws etc.

This is possibly the hardest to get my head around, but I have been playing with it for a while with some interesting results. I have been playing with the idea that I can create anything I want by thinking and believing it can happen. I found I can get to the believing part when I start small and work up to bigger things.

For example when I wanted money in my life I simply thought and started to believe that I would be given £10, sure enough £10 or more came my way by way of an unexpected source. Okay £10 worked, what about £100? That worked as well, therefore strengthening my belief that this really works. Okay what about £1000, I concentrated on my past successes with this, I believed it would come, and it did, it took a bit longer but it came in the form of money from a fund my wife received.

I have experimented with other things as well and I must say I like this form of reality; it's a lot more fun than having the view that everything in life happens to me by chance.

However it is still a struggle to believe that I am imagining you reading this page and I am giving you thoughts. I am imagining my whole world.

Another reality: Template driven reality

So what about an alternative, probably not a new one but one I came about by questioning. A template driven model of reality. This is the marrying of the objective reality and subjective reality models, assuming there are only two basic models.

In this model of reality we are each programmed with set rules about the world e.g. the law of gravity, this is the objective part of reality. However what we do with the template is up to us.

The blog analogy

I would imagine it is just like this blog you are reading just now. The blog itself is a basic template. Now by adding widgets on, adding plugins, writing my own content, manipulating various features of the template it looks and feels totally different from other blogs which have the same basic template. This is what gives us our uniqueness, our ability to shape our own lives.

Now, imagine you were given a blog template and did absolutely nothing with it. You wrote a few times in it, you added various family members, friends; you updated it with some of your educational achievements and your job etc. You wouldn't really be excited about your blog

Imagine the same blog being constantly updated with new content, new ideas, you promoted your blog regularly, you contributed to the world, more and more people came to see it, You updated the template design on occasion and you kept up to date with what was going on in the blogging world, you updated your knowledge of the world regularly, you kept on thinking of ways to improve it.

Imagine your wants and desires in the world to be analogous to traffic to your blog. Which of the above blogs would get more traffic to their blog i.e. their desires and wishes fulfilled more times?

Your own world and theory

I can see the benefits of taking on a subjective world viewpoint and I have swayed more to living a subjective world viewpoint however I still find it difficult to totally accept it intellectually. However it doesn't really matter as I am having great time thinking about my own reality structure and playing with it, after all nobody else can prove otherwise.

We are all living in a world full of theories so why not make up our own theories!

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