3 questions to change anything in your life

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3 questions to change anything in your life

How do you change the current situation you are in just now? That is what I am asked most often by clients. For any situation whether it be career, love, finances, home, family, anything at all, you have to ask yourself three simple questions.

3_questionsWhat is my current situation?

"“ You have to fully understand and be aware of your current situation A lot of clients I deal with say they don't have a problem until they admit they have a problem, for example with alcohol "“ an alcoholic is not an alcoholic until they admit they're an alcoholic. You have to be fully aware of your situation and admit that it is wrong. Obviously most people know this or they wouldn't be asking the question "˜how can I change?'.

The next question you have to ask is:

Where do I want to be?

"“ For you to change anything in your life you have to know where you want to go in life. You wouldn't jump into the back of a taxi and say to the driver:

You: "˜I want to go somewhere'

Driver: "˜Where to guv?'

You: "˜Don't know, just take me there'

Driver (on the phone): "˜I think I've got a psychiatric patient who needs help here'

It's the same with life, you have to know where you want to go before you can actually get there.

I was speaking with a client a few weeks ago who said she wanted a new job, as she was really fed up and bored with her current job. I asked her what kind of job she wanted, she looked at me and said "˜the same type of job I've got just now!'. Where is the logic in that? Most people are happy to trundle along doing the same boring job for the rest of their lives and maybe the adventurous ones will go to a different company but do the same job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you are happy. If you are not happy, decide what you want to do first before making plans to change.

The last question to ask yourself is:

How am I going to get there?

"“ Simple question, tough to put into practice. However this can be made easier for you.

When you are planning, try not to bog yourself down with all the hows, wheres, why's and what's, just do it. If you know you want to change, if you know what you want to change to just start!. Do anything to start you along the path of change.

For example: You want a new career, you know the type of job you want, great. But, you don't have any experience, what then? Go do a course at college "“ that's a first step, go do some voluntary work in the line of work you want to do, send out your CV to companies you'd like to work for, do anything but make the first step.

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