Ten Secrets to Weight Loss You Haven't Heard Before

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I know, I know. You've heard it all; done most of it; and nothing works.

But . . . just consider the possibility that I'm right. What have you got to lose? I've been helping people lose weight without dieting since 1986. These tools have worked for them for decades. Might as well read on.

1. Eat protein as soon as you can upon arising.

Chewing food re-starts your metabolism each day (your metabolism determines the rate at which your body burns calories). Chewing protein starts your metabolism on steroids. If you like a protein shake in the morning, that's great. Be sure to eat a bite of protein first. Remember, it's the chewing that's important. The best protein sources are meat, fish, cheese, eggs and nuts. If you want to lose weight, you must eat in the morning.

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2. Five foods groups to avoid in the morning

These are: sugar, starches, carbohydrates, fruit (just in the morning) and coffee. Okay, take a breath. I would never deny you your coffee. If you drink coffee in the morning, have a bite of protein first. The above food and drink start your blood sugar spiking and cratering, which continues all day. You will never succeed in weight loss until you control your blood sugar better.

3. Avoid white foods at lunch.

Think bread, potatoes, chips and pasta. They make you sleepy. Everyone experiences a "carb dip" between 2-5 PM each day. We naturally get tired. Those foods make it worse. And, since we don't have the time or good sense to do a 20-minute meditation"”or better yet, a nap, we grab a triple Frappuccino with caramel and chocolate and a pink cookie for that blood sugar blast. Your body really wants to rest. Try to give it to yourself.

4. Stop eating "big sugar."

That's the sugar in candy, baked goods, ice cream, etc. Don't worry about the "little sugar""”in ketchup, apples and the like. That's not the problem. If you have difficulty with this one, find a hypnosis "Extinguishing" recording online, get it, and then listen to it. The foods will disappear.

5. Drink a sip of grape juice before dinner each evening.

I know, grape juice really sweet and fattening"”if you drink a glass of it. You want a shot glass amount, about 1 ounce. You will find yourself eating far less. The fruit sugar triggers your satiety before you even begin eating. I caution my clients against sipping grape juice during the day. You want to fuel your body during the day when it needs it. Not so much in the evening. If you tend to snack in the evening, put about an ounce of grape juice in a glass or bottle of water and sip it throughout the evening. Before you know it, it's bedtime and you haven't even thought about eating. This does not work with fermented grape juice!

6. To find out how much water and protein your body needs daily, divide your current weight in half.

That's how many ounces of water and grams of protein you need. Pay attention to these numbers for just a couple of days initially. You'll notice how much more energy and what a small appetite you have which will motivate you to continue.

7. Your body needs about 25 grams of fiber a day.

Only in the form of fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts (not the greasy, salty kind. The raw, organic kind). You know you're getting enough water and fiber when your bowels move 20-30 minutes after each meal. It's very important that you drink enough water (see #6) as you increase your fiber. Otherwise the excess fiber could get stuck in your intestines/colon. Not fun.

8. Avoid eating bread, rolls or tortilla chips before dinner"”especially at a restaurant.

You will eat less of your meal without even noticing it.

9. Substitute Wax Orchards products for chocolate.

They are made of natural cocoa and fruit juice"”and they are dee-lish. AND they won't spike your blood sugar, making you want to eat more. Use Brummel & Brown instead of butter or margarine. Fewer than half the calories of either and, once again, dee-lish.

10. You've probably heard the old adage to put your fork down between bites.

You're probably not going to do that. What's easier to do is just breathe while you're eating. It makes the food taste better and automatically slows down your eating pace. As you eat slower, you notice that you're becoming satiated sooner, so you stop eating.

There you have it. Not a diet plan in the mix. Diets don't work for you. If they did, you probably wouldn't have read this. Try these secrets for yourself and when you are amazed that they work and it's so easy to lose weight, email me and let me know your success. Better yet, email me your before and after pictures.

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