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Some news and some MyBlogLog link love

Before I start MyBlogLog community link love I would like to give you some
personal news.

I don't do a lot of personal news rather I tell my life
through my posts a tiny bit at a time. However since this is such a
big thing I thought I would share it.

I wrote a post about wanting to pay
off my mortgage to become a professional blogger
. At the time the mortgage
was for £75,000 and it was a huge goal to achieve. Now the goal
has got even bigger. We are going to be moving house, hopefully if
our house sells okay, and the mortgage to pay will be £110,000. This
is 50% more than it was. So it is going to take a lot more than selling
20,000 eBooks as anticipated and to be honest I think I was being rather
naive thinking I could achieve this without any marketing. I would
like to thank everybody who bought the book.

I am still working on my lofty goal of becoming a professional blogger but
it won't come from selling the eBook. I believe it will come from
my blogging services over at ,
adsense, reviewme ,
direct advertising and savings.

Thank you again to everybody who is supporting me in my endeavors to become
a professional blogger, I appreciate it.

MyBlogLog Love

My MyBlogLog
has increased quite a bit recently so I will pick a few of
the community members and some good posts they had written:

Dunkan with a post at

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Thank you to everyone who has joined my blog community over at MyBlogLog I
still love using the community to find new and interesting blogs and for it's
site stats as well.


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