Why advertise here?

Change you thoughts has a loyal following of readers who visit regularly and trust the recommendations of myself, which is the key factor. I will not advertise anything that it out of sync with the CYT philosophy of helping others through self education. I take my readers trust seriously and will not do anything to jeopardize this.

Stats for 2016-2017  (March 1st 2016- March 1st 2017)

Pageviews: 8,444,753

Unique Visitors: 7,283,232

No of Articles/Pages: 2,620+

AlexaRank:  100,000

Email Subscribers – 70,000

Demographics for CYT

The image above shows you the demographics for CYT.  When you see a green bar you'll know that there are more people in that particular category.  When you see a red bar, it means that group is under represented.  So from the data above we know that readers from CYT are predominantly aged 35-54, mostly female, with some college education and browsing from home.

Ways to advertise

Advertising is done by sponsoring the one of the top 20 articles on the site for a period of 6 months.  By Top 20 I mean the 20 articles with the most traffic over the last year.  These are content posts and quiz posts and the two ads will be placed in the top and middle position of each article:

You should expect your ads to be seen at least 50,000 times over the next six months, meaning the article will receive 50,000 views over a six month period.

What we do for you to get traffic

I will regularly link to the top 20 articles at least 10 times over the next six months from my pages on Facebook which total around 4 million Followers.

I will also send out email blast to the top 20 articles on the CYT blog to my list of 70,000 email subscribers.

This is how I can guarantee your ad will be seen at least 50,000 times


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