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I posted a link on the 21 days to a new habit. As you may have read I have started some new habits and quit some old habits using the same technique. The technique is to tell ourselves that we are starting the habit for 21 days or quitting an old habit for 21 days. This way we have an option to stop the new habit or go back to an old habit should we so wish. However, because the habit will be engrained we will continue as we started.

Let me give you examples from my own personal experience.

I stopped smoking last year. I told myself I will stop for 21 days and if I want to start back after the 21 days I can. Now, because my body got used to not smoking during the 21 days, I never went back to smoking.

I have stopped eating sweets of all kind, cakes, sweets, ice cream, etc. I have done this for nearly 2 weeks now and already I no longer need sweets and am no longer irritable. I have lost an inch of my waistline lost a few pounds and feel a lot better internally (I used to always feel bloated).

I have started taking a cold shower (I mean all the way down to the coldest setting) and it's extremely invigorating. And it helps me lose a bit weight and wakes me up in the morning.

I have stopped eating white bread and now eat wholemeal or granary which I now love.

I have started saving regularly; whereas before I would start then take the money out of the bank if I wanted to buy something we needed.

I am writing at least 1 blog entry a day for the last few weeks and, again, hopefully this will become engrained and I will continue to do this every day.

I get up before 6 am every morning and I feel I gain a few hours by being prepared for the day ahead instead of dragging myself out of bed.

I have stopped using an alarm clock (I stopped this years ago) the benefits are great. I no longer get woken up in the middle of REM sleep therefore feeling as if I've never been asleep which affects my whole day.

There are so many habits we could break or form using the 21 day habit forming method. The beauty of it is it's so simple and once you get going it's easy to keep on going. Obviously I am not talking about drug taking (smoking aside) or alcohol, however I believe it could be done with these habits as well, but a key factor in starting a habit or breaking a habit is the want to do it.

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