Intentions – Losing 7 pounds in 16 days

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Concentrating on your intentions

Since I wrote the post "˜A shift in consciousness' I have been concentrating hard on my intentions. It has only been 16 days but here are the results so far:

I have 24 intentions in 6 categories and a two of them are:

In a healthy and positive way I have doubled my monthly income

In a healthy and positive way I am now 13 stone and 0Ibs

Now to let you know I have not changed anything that I have been doing for
the last few months. I have been working on my blog, I have been sending
out e-mails as usual, I have never changed my eating habits except giving up
sweets in August.

The results


My income from work is around £1000 (after tax, pension
and insurance) and that is the only income I can rely on short of getting the

My intention was to double this, I hadn't a clue how I was going to
do it I had concentrated on the intention five or six times a day for the last
few weeks.

My Google adsense earnings have doubled to around £8 per month (not
spectacular, but doubled nonetheless and this I intend to double again next

I have had donations of around £15 from the blog

I have received a part time blogging job which is earning £300 per
month for about 8 hours per week.

In addition to this my wife has received £300 of totally unexpected
money this month, I have found £5 on the ground (subsequently passed
onto a big issue seller), 2 website prospects, and a few other small things.

This is income I can pretty much rely on over the next few months. The
blogging job was the result of a purely speculative e-mail to a well known
investor and after a few e-mails back and forth and sorting out the logistics
I got the job on a trial basis for 3 months with the hope of getting more work
should this turn out okay. It is basically setting up and managing a
blog and helping to drive traffic to the blog and some websites related to

Now this has not doubled my income but it is a 33% increase and I have been
concentrating on the intentions for only two weeks.


Now this was unexpected when I tried it and the results could
be down to a number of factors, however I have never been under 14 stone and
7 pounds for over 2 years. 16 days ago I was 14 stone and 8 pounds

I intended to be 13 stone 0 pounds and now, my current
weight is 14 stone and 1 pound. This is in 16 days and I have not
changed my eating habits since I gave up sweets over two months ago. I
am still working this one out and trying to make sense of it but for now I
will keep on doing what I am doing.

Thinking behind intentions

For regular readers of this blog you know that I love to dive in and experience
things before I dismiss them. Intentions are something I have been working
with for a while and something I have truly started believing in for the last
few weeks ever since my "˜shift in consciousnesses.

The shift in consciousness is something which, I believe, will happen to everyone
providing you have an open mind and try it. Don't dismiss this
as mumbo jumbo new age stuff, try it for 4 "“ 6 weeks and then if it doesn't
work you will not have wasted anything, anything at all.


For those of you who are non believers try this simple exercise:

For the next 1 week, every day about 6 times per day, concentrate for 2 minutes
on the following intention;

In a healthy and positive way I have received £20 without earning
it from my regular job

Now, as the intention states, it is not money you have earned. It is
unexpected money e.g. an unexpected cheque, a tax rebate, Google adsense earnings
have suddenly jumped, an offer to do extra work, anything but it is not from
your regular job.

Now what usually happens is that you will get a sign within a few days of
intending this, maybe you find £1 coin on the ground whilst walking to
work, keep intending for the full week and let me know what happens.

I have written more on intentions and am working on a few posts just now but
will post more next week.

I am also going to start a blogcast soon (I bought some equipment from money
I received unexpectedly from the blog) I will let you know when the first one
is done.


The fantastic thing about this new philosophy on life is that it may sound
a bit odd, it may sound wacky, but it's a hell of a lot better than my
old philosophy on life. This way I am literally getting what I want
in life and I am so very excited about creating my own life, it's utterly
fantastic and I have to calm myself down sometimes as my mind is whirring overtime
with all the thoughts going round it.

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