How to make true friends – Part 6 – Attracting the friends you want

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How to make true friends "“ Part 6 "“ Attracting the friends you want

This is the 6th part of 7 in the how to make friends series. You can find the links to all the other parts of the series at the bottom of this article.

Attracting the friends, you want

To attract the type of friends you want you will have to know what type of friends you want to attract, makes sense doesn't it.

Using the principles of manifestation you can attract to you the type of friends you want in your life.

Although it sounds like another airy-fairy law of attraction type of thing, I know this works as I have used it myself and have married my best friend, my wife. I used to imagine what she looked like, what type of personality she had, how she would react in certain situations etc I have also attracted business relationships this way, friendships, online acquaintances and even readers to my blog. I know it sounds sad thinking about the type of readers you want to read your blog, but I am a bit weird that way. "˜What's really going to bake your noodle' is would you be here if I didn't think about you reading this blog.

How does it work?

This is quite simple. You think about the different attributes that you would like in a friend; honest, strong minded, fun, attractive or whatever it is you are looking for in a true friend. You imagine them and the different situations you would be in together and how they would react if different situations. You imagine feeling a strong bond with them and having a lasting friendship. Imagine yourselves together in years to come and how your friendship will evolve. You imagine going to their parties, meeting up with your future partners, going through difficult times with them.

You don't go looking for friendships; your friends will come to you when the time is right.


There is one huge condition to you attracting your friends and potential partners and that is belief. Belief that it will happen when the time is right. This usually means getting rid of all your negative emotions such as feeling lonely, feeling jealousy, hate, depressed; all these feelings will hamper you in meeting your true friends or potential partner. Why is this? When you body and mind is riddled with negative emotions you are concentrating on yourself and your energy field will be low and not very expansive. When you have let go of negative emotions your energy field will be much more expansive and far-reaching, touching the lives of those you want to meet. Have you ever come across someone who just radiates energy and they seem to attract everyone around them? This will be because they have let go of their inhibitions and their negative emotions. These people are usually happy go lucky people and don't really care what other people think about them and can take people as they are and see they positives in everyone. Don't get me wrong you still get the people who attract everyone else around them due to their self confidence and yes they may be nasty or unkind but this type of person usually breaks down later on in their lives due to the masking of their negative feelings and emotions.

Does this sound like a lot of rubbish?

Of course it does, because for most of us we simply can't believe in a world that is interconnected and we are all at this very moment touching each other's energy. If you don't believe it can work it won't work. For some, like me, it took years to start believing in the power of thoughts and manifestation, but it has changed my life in immeasurable ways and I can only pass on what I believe. If you believe it's a pile of cow dung, that's great I respect your opinion. However, I would urge you to try it for a week or two and really try to believe in it before dismissing it.

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