Review of Sound Health, Sound Wealth by Luanne Oakes

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Review of Sound Health, Sound Wealth

It's not often I get a chance to read a book for pleasure these days however I was sent a book a few months ago which I have only just picked up at the beginning of the month.

The book is entitled "Sound health, Sound wealth; The biology of hope and manifestation" by Dr. Luanne Oakes, PH.D.

First of all I would like to say I would never put a review of a book on the blog that was bad and one I didn't think would benefit you, the reader. Also I am not affiliated with the book in any way so I don't make money from this review.

So here is my review.

Frequency treatment CD

The book comes with a frequency treatment CD which I have pretty much played every day since I received the book. I would say the CD alone is worth the price of the book. I play it in the car, every day, on the way to meeting my clients. I have found it keeps me centered and focused on my job. I also play it when I am picking my boys up from the scouts. My eldest son has asked me to play it on the way to school as it helps him to relax, which is a huge accolade, as he is currently listening to the "˜Nickelback' and "˜Guns and Roses'CD all the time and doesn't like any of my CDs.

The book

The book resonated with me from the introduction as Luanne speaks about the power of changing your thoughts to change your life, which is of course the title of my blog. So I was grabbed straight away as I firmly believe in the power of thoughts to change your life.

The book itself is split up into eight chapters, each with a principle:

Chapter 1: The principle of resonance
Chapter 2: The principle of future memories
Chapter 3: The principle of Your Magical Diving Experiment
Chapter 4: The principle of Energetic Boundaries; The power of "˜No'
Chapter 5: The principle of transforming time
Chapter 6: The principle of Sound and Light, Part One; The biology of hope
Chapter 7: The principle of Sound and Light, Part Two; How to enhance your life force
Chapter 8: The principle of True wealth; Sound wealth is true wealth.

I don't want to go through all the principle above. Instead I have chosen the two that resonated with me the most and the ones which I could use in my daily life.

The principle of future memories

Luanne has introduced a new phrase "˜Quantum Hologram' which, as I understand it, is your own personal belief on the being, or the force which is helping you in your life. She takes great care not to bring religion into the book but it is clear that she is speaking to people form all beliefs and faiths and the Quantum Hologram is your belief in what controls the world around you including synchronicity. The Quantum Hologram sounds like something from Star Trek (The Next generation) but it is a good way to visualise the life force which helps us in life.

Your thoughts are part of that life force and ultimately you are controlling the life force which in turn helps you to create the life you want.

Luanne describes a system using "˜Feeling based faith' to create your future memories and is quite powerful. It is a way of connecting your feelings and mind to the Quantum Hologram to get what you most desire in life. The analogy she uses for this is "˜like sending an e-mail'. Luanne advises keeping a feeling based journal, describing the different feelings you have experienced throughout the day. By writing these down you are releasing the energy of them from yourself out into the open, which leaves you feeling lighter, more energetic and less burdened in order to send your own wishes out into the universe. Or

Although I didn't use a journal for the feeling based writing I tried it for a few days in my head and it does help. It's like putting a label on your feelings and then releasing them out into the open, quite powerful.

Luanne litters this chapter with stories about science and personal experiences which I found very interesting.

The principle of true wealth

I am deeply interested in prosperity and wealth and am forever clearing my thoughts and actions for the attainment of wealth and prosperity. Every day I am coming to an understanding of true wealth and what it really means and the more I understand the more I am receiving.

That's what this chapter is all about. Luanne tells a story of a homeless person by the name of Simon who taught her about true wealth through the friendship they struck up over the years.

I am slowly beginning to realise about wealth being an inner game and this book and this chapter reinforced this for me.

Luanne advises that there are certain principles to true wealth which are:

  • Being in the present moment
  • Being in divine flow
  • Frequent experience of Compassion, Reverence, Love Peace and Joy
  • The ability to forgive
  • Giving without attachment
  • Certainty that we are all one
  • Certainty in a power greater than yourself
  • Certainty that there are enough resources for all of us
  • The ability to accurately assess your own and others strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to be grateful for something
  • The ability to reduce the intensity for negative thoughts.

Belief is also an important part of attracting wealth into your life. If you believe you can't make money or don't deserve it you will never receive it.


I found the book a great read and I particularly liked the stories in the book. Although it said it is a scientific look at health and wealth there is not much science in the book that explains manifestation. I also found that Luanne was using new phrases to describe old concepts but you will recognise these straight away as trying to bring the old concepts into the minds of a newer generation.

I enjoyed the book and particularly the CD and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the "˜law of attraction', "˜Manifestation' and becoming healthy and wealthy.

Thanks you to Luanne for allowing me to review this book and thank you to the publicist for sending me the book, I appreciate it.

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