Clearing Your Chakras For Better Sex (And a Happier Life)

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We have 7 of them. 7 chakras. Each govern a certain area of our life and our emotions. If you don't know anything about chakras perhaps doing a wee bit of research might be beneficial prior to reading this article.

Our bodies our more complex than we like to believe. It's not just about controlling your mind and following your heart. It's more like fine tuning your chakras to maintain balance of all areas or our lives. Did you also know that an unbalanced chakra can lead to a not so great sex life? Or to put it another way, when all chakras are balanced, you will experience mind blowing sex. Let's find out how. Starting from the bottom, the root, and working our way up to the crown.

chakras1. Root (base of spine).

This is the base, the foundational chakra. This is where all the trusting takes place. No trust, your off balance. Especially if this mistrust is directed to your partner. If you are having trust issues you need to take care of them immediately and work through them as best you can. Trust is a huge foundation in every relationship, not just marital. Without trust, you really have nothing.

2. Sacral (below the belly button).

Accepting others and ourselves. Are you accepting your current partner as the person you want to be with always? Do you accept and love yourself? This is also where your sexuality zone is. How sexual are you feeling these days? You might want to tune into this chakra if your sex drive has been low lately.

3. Solar Plexus (upper abdomen).

Confidence and control. If you are feeling like your self confidence is slipping, chances are you won't feel too sexy with your partner in intimate moments. Do you feel like you're losing control of a certain area of your life? Might be time to clear this chakra.

4. Heart (chest area).

This is the chakra of love. The one that rules it all. How much do we love or do we love at all. Are you feeling a great love for your partner or yoursel f? If you haven't been feeling so loved maybe, it's time to check in with your heart and do some clearing. If we don't love ourselves, it's hard for us to allow others to love us too.

5. Throat.

This chakra gives us the ability to speak our mind, our feelings, share our love through our words and all other communication. If you feel like you are suffocated or stifled and afraid to speak up, this could be blocked. Being able to freely communicate with your partner is imperative for a loving and trusting relationship. More love and trust, better sex.

6. Third Eye (in between your eyes).

Ability to see and focus on the bigger picture which, in this case, might be your relationship with your partner. The third eye opens our imagination, our intuition, our ability to make decisions and see things for what they really are. Perhaps you are having decision making issues or your intuition has been acting up. If this is the case, you will be too unfocused to want to enjoy sex. Get clearing.

7. Crown (top of the head).

Spirituality and bliss are located here. Our inner and outer divine beauty. If you aren't feeling too beautiful or spiritually connected you might want to clear this chakra. When you open this one up you will experience a connection and oneness with yourself and your love. Pure bliss, really.

Chakra clearing is very important, as you can see, not only for your emotional state but when you've cleared that part of your life, you will be more receptive sexually to your partner and have the mind blowing sex you once had when you two first met. You're welcome.

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