Burn Fat For Dummies Diary – Days 5 and 6

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Day 5

Okay word has got out at work that I am on a special eating plan to lose weight and some people are asking for the plan. Obviously I can't say to anybody what it the plan is and direct them to the site but it's amazing how word spreads.

The diet is going as planned and there is more food as the days go on and I have enjoyed a few fried eggs with bacon which seems to go against the rest of the plan, but I am definitely not complaining. I am sure David won't mind me talking about a few things here and there just to keep you interested.

being_fatI have been reading the rest of the ebook which accompanies the eating plans and have to say the information in it is great. The author David Holm was himself 230Ibs when he started using his plan, he lost 20Ibs in one month and on to lose another 20. He then started on refining his plan and teaching it to others which he has done now for 8 years.

The book also goes into getting rid of man boobs, not that I have them , but have come across a lot of people who suffer from man boobs, something I have not heard about other fitness experts speaking about.

Day 6

I had a look at the cookbook which comes with all the other downloads and whilst it is not all to my taste there are a few that I will be trying after the initial 4 week. There is one in particular that I tried last night which can be incorporated into the 4 week plan and it made a difference.

My wife is now looking to start the eating plan this week so as I start my second week my wife will be starting her first week. She is looking to lose a few pounds as she is a slim enough already, no I'm not sucking up here J

It's quite hard writing a diary without telling you what the eating plan is but I cannot for obvious reasons but I know you will not be disappointed with all the content that you will receive in the package. You will start to feel healthy and lose the weight that you want without feeling that you are having to give up on anything.

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