Burn Fat For Dummies Diary – Days 11 to 14

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Day 11

being_fatThe diet is still going well and I am starting to get into a good eating habit. I have a breakfast, light lunch, main dinner and snacks in-between. My stomach is really starting to show signs of deflating and I have lost that pregnant man look when I let my stomach go, I previously walked about all day with my stomach held in (Believe me it takes a few months to get used to do that but it was worth it, now I don't have to).

I am still drinking as much coffee and tea with 1 ½ sugars, I really found this to be a good way of taking off the edge of hunger cravings. I have also got used to the habit of carrying a ½ litre bottle of water everywhere I go so I know as soon as I get thirsty or have a slight hunger I take a drink. So I am drinking at least 2 litres per day. As David says in his book, water is an essential ingredient in this diet and he tells you all about it in his book.

Day 12

Weigh in day today. I still can't get out of the habit of weighing myself everyday just to see how it's going,. At first it was so good as I was losing a pound per day but now the weight loss is not as rapid I can see why it's not a good idea to weigh yourself every day, it's all psychology.

Anyways here is the new weight chart:

burn fat 4 dummies

WOW, a whole 10Ibs weight loss in 12 days, this was amazing for me when I stepped on the scales and seen this. I have not been this weight for about 10 years, and I'm not finished yet.

Day 13

To date there has not been a lot of exercise involved in this diet plan, it is certainly not required. However I figured a game of tennis couldn't hurt. It's really the first real exercise I have had for a few weeks and was a bit weary of maybe passing out or something. Needless to say it went okay and I lasted the full 2 hours and got annihilated 6-1, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4. This shows me that I have the energy and the stamina whilst on the diet and boosted my confidence that I am eating the right foods in the right way.

Burn Fat 4 Dummies is now only a week until it is released and the second video is up on the site for you to enjoy. You will get lots of info on eating healthily and losing fat quickly ad can sign up for the free mini course.

Day 14

Weight is now starting to fluctuate between 191Ibs and 193Ibs so I guess I am starting to find a base weight and need to really stick to the plan for the last few weeks. There are night outs and meals planned that I have cancelled as I don't want to lose focus on this.

My wife has really noticed a difference in my body shape and can't believe the difference in only a few weeks and more and more people are starting to ask me what I am doing to lose this much weight. I have told them the basics of the plan. It's amazing the power of word of mouth and I am gobsmacked at how many people find out about it so quick. I guess the Burn Fat 4 Dummies diet will be another word of mouth success and will rise to the top of the Clickbank charts in a few weeks time.

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