Burn Fat 4 Dummies Diary – Days 3 and 4

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Day 3

I was looking forward to day 3 as there was some good food on the list and I have to tell you that I have never enjoyed a breakfast as much as I did on day 3. It was a simple breakfast, took 5 minutes to make but I actually tasted and savoured every mouthful of it. Even after 3 days I notice a major shift in my thinking on food. Before I was eating food because I could and I didn't really taste what I was eating, I would eat a packet of biscuits with a cup of coffee no problem and it was just like eating a bag of crisps. However on day 3 I chewed every mouthful and I tasted the food and enjoyed it for being food and realised it was going to fuel my body. This might sound strange but anybody who has been on any kind of eating plan will know what I mean.

I also had a few extras I could eat as snacks in between the meals I had been given, mainly fruit, but, again, fruit has never tasted so good.

being_fatI am still amazed that I am not feeling that hungry, I have had no cravings at all whilst on this eating plan and I honestly expected to have some serious cravings. Again I think it is down to drinking plenty of water and being allowed the coffee and tea, I am still having it with two sugars (my little luxury) but it is starting to taste a little sweet so will cut it down to 1 ½ sugars.

I have past the sore head stage and am feeling normal again , well as normal as I can do.

One thing I have noticed over the last three days is the amount of flatulation I have and the strength of them, I swear I hovered for a second or two when I let one out, such was the strength of it J

Day 4

Thankfully the flatulation has died down a bit which my wife and kids are pleased about.

I enjoyed every bit of my breakfast this morning, it was basic but extremely tasty. There were not as many snack foods today so it was 3 small meals with the usual water, tea and coffee. I am still surprised I am not feeling hungry.

My weight

It's only been 4 days since I started the diet and I have seen a difference already but I know that this rate of weight loss will not continue over the weeks. So here they are the stats in graph form:

burn fat 4 dummies

So far I have lost 6Ibs on this diet in 4 days but as David says in a previous reply on days 1 and 2 this could be for a lot of reasons and not just the diet itself, so I am not hung up on the numbers just now.

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