Burn Fat 4 Dummies Diary – Day 1 and 2

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Burn Fat 4 Dummies Diary "“ Days 1 and 2

The first two days of the Burn Fat 4 Dummies diet plan is over. The initial plan lasts for 4 weeks and after this you go back to eating normally but hopefully with a renewed education on food and motivation for exercise and eating correctly.

Starting point

being_fatObviously there has to be a starting point so let me tell you my statistics just now

Weight: 14st 5Ibs (201 Ibs)

Height: 5ft 11ins

BMI: 28.0 (There are flaws with the BMI scale but it is still useful, you can calculate your BMI here

Goal: Lose 12 "“ 16Ibs and start eating a healthy diet

Day 1

The first day wasn't as bad as I had expected. When I saw my plan for the 4 weeks, there are different plans depending on your weight, I panicked a little. I was beginning to think I had made a mistake posting the details on my blog. However I am determined to follow the plan and see how it goes.

The first day consists of eating a set plan of food, drinking eight glasses of water and drinking normal consumption of tea or coffee. As I said, when I saw the plan I thought it was a small amount to eat for the day. I thought I was missing a page or something or had misread, but no, all I had to eat for the first few days was this small amount of food.

I actually managed to do this with ease, although the cakes, sweets and bread did tempt me a lot. Whenever I felt a bit hungry I drank a glass of water. I also cut down on the amount of coffee and Tea I drank. I usually have 6 "“ 8 cups per day with two sugars. Today I only had 2 cups of tea and 2 cups of coffee, with sugar.

Obviously I cannot tell you what the meal plan is as that would be giving the authors secrets away. However, I wrote to the author and asked if it was healthy to eat this small amount for the first 2 days. He advised that it is not unhealthy unless it was for a prolonged period of time. The first two days is to kick start the metabolism and reboot it, so to speak.

Day 2

It is the end of the second day and I am feeling very lethargic and suffering from a sore head. However I have not been drinking as much water as I should have been. Yesterday I drank only about ½ litre of water but today I have drunk about 1 ½ litres of water. I also have not taken any vitamin supplements.

The second day was the same eating plan as the first day and although I didn't feel particularly hungry I felt the need to eat something else due to the sore head. So I deviated from the plan and had two weetabix with some semi skimmed milk, otherwise I have stuck to the plan.

I was going to weigh myself every 4 days but I was making sure the scales were okay J so I weighed myself today. I couldn't believe it, I had lost 4Ibs already. Thinking the scales were wrong I tried them in different places in the house and then asked my wife to weigh herself and she was the same weight as she was at the time I started the eating plan (I had asked my wife to weigh herself as a barometer to make sure the scales were okay).

So far I have not felt that hungry which really has surprised me, I think this is a mixture of motivation and still being able to drink coffee and tea. Also I have asked the author a few questions and he has pretty much answered my questions within a few hours, so I know there is support there which also comes with the Burn Fat 4 Dummies program.

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