Burn Fat 4 Dummies Diary – Days 19 to 23

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being_fatDay 19

Nothing has changed with the diet plan. I am still sticking to it with only a few extra nibbles inbetween when I felt a pang of hunger. By nibbles I mean a few slices of meat or an extra piece of fruit. I am starting to see a difference in my clothing as my jeans are hanging on me now so I will need to go back down to a size 32/34, which means a little extra cash but it is good as I have not been that size for years.

Day 20

I have started getting obsessed with the scales now. It seems every time I go to the toilet I want to weigh myself J I have lost another few pounds now which I am happy about as I have not been losing that much over the last 8 days. So I have now reached my target weight of 13st 6Ibs, but another few pounds and I'd be extremely happy. I have not been this weight for about 10 years so I am very happy with the plan and how it has went particularly since it has not been that difficult:

Weight Chart

burn fat 4 dummies chart

Day 21 & Day 22

After all the success over the last few weeks I have had a minor blow out. I thought I would have a sneaky biscuit with my coffee and ended up eating the packet and then there was cakes and other goodies as my sister and brother in law were over for a few hours. Needless to say that has set me back a few days and I'll need to start back the diet proper again today, so I'll be back to pineapples for the next few days.

Sales of the ebook are going well and there are a few people who have reported that they have already lost weight after a few days of being on the Burn Fat 4 Dummies eating plan, which makes me happy as I have made the recommendation to them.

It would be good to hear how you are doing if you are also following the Burn Fat 4 Dummies eating plan and if it is worth setting up a forum about it. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Burn Fat 4 Dummies has now been released to the general public

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