8 Ridiculously Easy Ways To A Woman's Heart

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Ridiculously easy? Can it really be? We all think that women are one of the most complex beings on the planet, and they probably are. Whether or not complex is the right word is anyone's guess really. They are a rare breed and a delightful mix of beauty, brains and a bit of brawn. I wonder if sometimes they keep things complicated to keep us on our toes? Whatever the case, there are easy ways to get to a woman's heart.

Men often shake their heads in bewilderment desperately trying to figure out what their next step, or even their first step, should be in getting the attention of the woman they have been admiring for some time now. What on earth do these beautiful beings truly desire and how easy is it to get to their hearts?

quotes_on_love1. Be kind.

Not just to them but to others around you. If you are out on a dinner date with her she is going to be watching exactly how you treat the people around you. Don't be an arse. She'll pick up on that immediately and you'll be dumped as soon as she gets home. You want to win her heart and keep her? Just be nice, really.

2. Compliment her.

Not endlessly or in a fashion that you feel is almost expected, but in a sincere genuine way. If you love her dress, tell her. If you think she smells wonderful, tell her. Don't be afraid to tell her exactly how you feel, at that moment (provided it's nice). Ladies love to be complimented. Actually, most of us do like to hear nice things every now and then.

3. Be patient.

She's going to run late, she's going to want to stop everywhere, she's going to have emotional moments for no good reason. Be patient with her. If you lack patience, then maybe you should set your sights on a gal that doesn't require a lot of patience to be with. If she senses, even in the slightest, that you are running out of patience, then she will know, you are not the guy for her.

4. Random nothing stuff.

You know, the odd text, the flowers for no reason, even the "get dressed we're going on a weekend adventure". Women love to know that you are thinking about them and your little actions will prove to them that they are, in fact, on your mind. Don't be shy to send out that text.

5. Take control.

They like a take charge kinda guy. One who knows exactly where to go, what time it starts and where we're going after. Don't leave too many decisions to them. They don't always want to make decisions. Sometimes they want everything taken care of for them. Don't forget though, some women need some time to get ready so give them ample warning so they know what to wear.

6. Tolerate her family.

If you can go hang out with Uncle Gerry and Aunt Terry and not lose your shit, you're in her good books. Family is important to her and though she may have a Jerry Springer family, she still loves and adores her family and doesn't want to be with someone who will bitch and complain every time they have to spend time with. If you love and tolerate her family as much as she does, you're a keeper in her eyes.

7. Give her space.

As much as she needs, when she needs it. Don't worry, you will definitely get your space too. As much as women love to be coddled and pampered and adored, they also need their own time, their alone time and their time with their friends. Contrary to popular belief, they don't all want to be snuggled into your back pocket. Some, not all.

8. Be vulnerable.

Don't be afraid to show some emotions. Show them who you are. Sure they love a tough guy but they also like to see a softer and sweeter side to their man. The vulnerable, innocent, sensitive one. If you are that guy, show her. She needs to know her man is real and raw. Not always putting on a mask or a game face. Show her all of you.

Now these are only 8 tips to get to a woman's heart and I'm sure there are a million more but try these ones out for starters and see how any of them work for you. Women really aren't that complicated at all when they are with the right partner.

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