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7 Powerful Ideas For A More Successful Life!

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Everyone wants to live a more powerful life"¦

Everyone wants more success in one or more areas of life.   It is the way we are designed "“ to continually expand.

However most people do not look at the areas of their life that need assistance and so they passively create a life that does not fulfill them.

That does not have to be you!

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are on track to creating a deliberately, fulfilling and successful life.   It is a deliberate choice, you know!

happiness_11. Do you care too much about the opinions of others?

If you find yourself always checking your activity based on what you feel a friend, family member, partner may say if you step out of the norm and do something different, then you will find it hard to create success.

Realise that most people do this and most people get a mediocre life.   If you want something different, get deliberate about being bold.

2. Are you intimate with your higher power?

Most people do not like religion but most people know there is more out there.   However, bad experiences with religion may cause you to deny this part of you.   Denying something does not make it disappear and it takes a lot of energy to deny something you do actually believe in.

Instead, choose to cultivate an intimate relationship with Spirit and tap into the wisdom of the ages.   This will prove priceless as you deliberately choose to create a successful life.   Ideas for business and personal development will bubble up within you when you willingly choose to tap into spirit and intuition.   You will no longer give away to the opinions of people you once considered more wise than you because now, you have a direct line connection with source.

3. Are you stifling your sexual energy?

This is another powerful area of humanity.   And most people seek to stifle it because they feel ashamed of their sexuality.   They forget that this energy births new life.   And it can birth new ideas, new strategies, new relationships.   All of this can cause you to experience more success in your life experience.

Stop stifling and start stirring it up.   Your sexuality was not some mistake tacked onto you by the universe.   No, it is a source of power "“ Tap into it!

4. Are you procrastinating?

Most people act as though they have limitless amounts of time to start living the successful life they dream of.   We are not Edward Cullen of Twilight Series fame, we do not have eternity in this form.   If we are to make our lives count, then we have to start now.   There is no more time left to live the wrong life.

Procrastination must go!   It is time to live!

5. Are you holding onto your past story?

Every successful leader has a history and that history can be used to propel them forward or to hold them back.   What will it be for you?   Will you keep using your sad past as heavy baggage that keeps you from moving forward into a more powerful experience of life?   Or will you deliberately choose to use the fact that you have overcome a lot as a story that inspires, motivates and continues to push you forward to greater heights?

You have the choice!

6.   Do You Have A Strategy?

It is not enough to have dreams and visions!   You also have to translate those into actions that give you the result you want.   If you are an entrepreneur at heart and a lot of leaders are, then you will need to have a communication strategy that will enable you to reach the people you feel called to serve"¦

You will need a way to capture the information of people you are called to serve so that you can continually follow up with them"¦

You will also need to be willing to offer something for sale on a daily basis in order to get people to buy from you.   That is how you will create financial success.   Bear in mind that the more people you serve, the more money you make.   It is not something to hold back from but instead take responsibility for the fact that you have something that can help people so put a strategy in place to reach those people.

7. Do you believe in yourself?

At the heart of most people's in ability to create success for themselves is an underlying lack of belief in their ability to make it happen.   If you are going to be different from the majority of people, you will have to deliberately cultivate self-belief.   It will not hit you on the head, you have to choose it!

And you can choose to start now.   Will you?

It is time to fight for and to deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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