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8 Beliefs You Should Adopt To Be Successful in Your Life

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Your beliefs are what make you the person you are today, and I mean that literally.

Beliefs are what push you forward in life, they control the thoughts you have and the actions you take on a daily basis. If you believe that life is wonderful, then it will be wonderful and you'll see a lot of evidence to prove that. If you believe that life is not so good, guess what! you'll find evidence to show you that life is not so good.

Miracle of the mind

You are an amazing person and you have an amazing mind, and the one miracle that we all share is that we can change our beliefs, about anything.
I could write a book on how to change beliefs, it's one of my favourite topics, but here's a very condensed version of how to change your beliefs:

  1. Choose a belief you'd like to have about yourself
  2. Find evidence to show you that belief might be true
  3. Actively think about the evidence you have found and keep finding more evidence
  4. After a few days or weeks of finding evidence tell yourself 'I believe………………'
  5. Take action to show that your belief is true
  6. Carry this on for the coming weeks and months
  7. Your new belief has been installed into your mind forever.

As I said that is an extremely condensed version of how to change your beliefs about yourself, about others and about the world around you. It's very powerful so use it wisely.

8 Beliefs You Should Adopt To Be Successful in Your Life


I am completely responsible for what happens in my life

If you take 100% ownership of your life, no matter what happens, then you have 100% control. Bad things are still going to happen in your life that's not your fault, but how you deal with it is up to you. Don't give your power away to other people and start blaming them for anything that's happened, accept that it's happened, take control and deal with it appropriately.
Your inner power will soar when you start to adopt this belief. Try the belief on for a few days and see how it feels.Check out this link  You Are a Failure

My fears are often unfounded

Think about something you're afraid of just now…………..Now ask yourself if you've ever tried to overcome that fear or if the fear that you have has actually harmed you in any serious way.
I used to be afraid of bees, the whole buzzing thing really got to me and I used to run like John Cleese doing the ministry of funny walks thing whenever a bee was around. Then I asked myself the question 'What would happen if I didn't do a funny run every time a bee came near me' You know what, nothing happened.
Your fears are often an indication that you need to test yourself.Check out this link:  The Number 1 Reason you Still have fear in Your Life

I cannot read other people's minds

Have you ever said to yourself 'They think I am ……..(Fill In The Blank)', We've all said something like that to ourselves before. Guess what, we can't read other peoples minds, we've just not got that ability, never have done, never will have. So you can stop trying to be telepathic and stop caring what others think about you. Listen to the advice of others, people close to you, but don't let it put you off doing something for fear of what others may think.Check out this link:  8 limiting patterns of thinking

An obstacle is something I can deal with

An obstacle is just something put in your way to temporarily stop you from doing something. The operative word here is temporarily. A lot of people see an obstacle and just give up, but the ones who succeed work on the obstacle until it no longer gets in their way. There will be other obstacles, always will be, but you deal with each obstacle the same way.Check out this link:  17 Lessons Learned from Being a True Optimist

The people I have in my life reflect the value I feel for myself

The people you have in your life reflect what you think you deserve, no less and no more. If you have a rich, successful friend then it's almost certain this is something you aspire to, if you have a friend who treats people like crap, including you, then you probably think that's all you deserve from a friend.
People come and go in your life and the people you collect along the way reflect what your values, principles and beliefs are at the different stages of your life. Think about this for a few minutes, it really kind of messes with your mind :)Check out this link:  29 Ways to increase your feeling of self worth

It's impossible to be perfect

When it comes to being human it literally is impossible to be perfect because your idea of perfection is something that can be improved upon.
When you adopt the belief that it's impossible to be perfect then you can accomplish so much more in life, and in a much quicker time.Check out this link:  How to Stop Striving for Perfection

The more I take positive action the more positive my life will be

You have so many opportunities in life, no matter what you think just now, you just need to take action on making the opportunities count. Don't let your thoughts and beliefs hold you back, change them, and start taking action on a daily basis and your life will change beyond measure.Check out this link:  8 Ways to take Action Now

I am amazing

You are totally, absolutely, frighteningly, stunningly amazing –  never forget that!

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