You Are a Failure – A Letter To You

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When you read the heading, how did it make you feel? did it make you feel anything? did you get angry? upset?

Believe it or not that's how a lot of people feel, no matter what they achieve in life, they feel as if it's never enough. They feel everything they have done ends in failure; their relationships, academia, work, fatherhood, motherhood etc they take it all and see it as a failure. I have dealt with clients so many times who have been able to rhyme off all their failures, and it seems to give them a sense of satisfaction at being able to list so many, that's because they have gone over it so much in their heads.


I can empathize with the person who is suffering this, I have been there, we've all been there at some point, it might not have been as prolonged but we've still been there. The problem is when the person puts the blame on someone else, usually a failed marriage, a bad childhood, events that have happened in the past etc.

If you are one of these people, I really do know where you are coming from, but:

Now Is The Time To Take Responsibility

The time to start is now. It's time to say, yes shitty things have happened to me, yes I had a shit childhood, yes I was bullied as a child. It's great to own that, and say it happened to you, but it's also time to let go.

Give yourself a break from analyzing the past, stop living there. Come back to the present and show everybody who you are today, not who you were yesterday. You are so much more than what happened to you. The very fact that you are with us today and reading this, whether you feel angry or not, makes your life a success. You've managed to come through the pain barrier, you've managed to stick two fingers up to the people who hurt you and say I'm still here, I'm still fighting on and you know what! I'm a success.

You've cried enough tears, you've felt the anger, the pain, the heart tugging so many times and you've almost given up on a few occasions, but you didn't, you're here, and here is a good place if you want it to be.

You might be mad with me just now for saying all this, and tell me I don't understand what you've been through, believe me I do, but what I will never understand is how you feel about it, that's a personal thing and I don't want to feel your pain, that's yours to own and believe it or not is a gift which will help you in the future. I would love for you to say 'I have felt real pain, real anger, real emotions and real moments when my life was almost over, but I am still here'

Choose to feel different

Maybe it's not quite the right time, but you have the choice to feel different about life. Take responsibility and know that you own your feelings, nobody else.

  • When you know this, you will stop blaming others for feeling lousy.
  • When you know this you can change the way you think.
  • When you know this you can change your life.

Start the journey

How do you feel now? Angry? Mad? A sense of relief? Good, that's what living in the now feels like, welcome back, it's good to have you here.


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