17 Lessons Learned from being a True Optimist

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Do you know how to tell a true optimist from a dreamer? They both think of their goals, believe in good things but the difference between them is that an optimist really strives for his success and a dreamer keeps sitting and dreaming. An optimist usually knows what he wants, he clearly sets his goals and terms for it. A dreamer may say: "˜I hope to do it someday.' And here's the difference, the difference between a winner and a loser.

17_lessons_learned_from_being_a_true_optimistLet's assume you decided to be an optimist, to think positively, and thus fight all life problems and strive for your success. But leading an optimistic lifestyle ain't easy. You will meet plenty of obstacles that will make you think: "˜Do I really need it?'

I've already come through this and now I want to share this experience with you. Here are 17 lessons learned from my optimistic lifestyle:

  1. Mindset is important. First and foremost "“ change your mindset. Only if you really have a desire to what you do, if you truly believe in yourself, only in that case you'll succeed.
  2. Don't let others intrude in your life. Not all people think the way you do, especially it may be your relatives or friends. And because of this they may fail to understand you, intrude in your life and give you advice which will interfere with your lifestyle rules. Live according to your mind, don't listen to others.
  3. Don't pretend. Be honest with yourself.
  4. Feel the kindness. Believe people, not all of them are bad.
  5. Prepare to fight. Optimistic lifestyle doesn't mean that your way will be so easy. Vice versa, there will be plenty of problems and you should be ready to fight them.
  6. Accept your failures. Perhaps there's no man in the world who wouldn't have a single failure in his life. Our failures and small victories are like the bricks of a huge wall which is our success. Accept your failures as they can be a great experience for you.
  7. Don't strive for success. Einstein once told: "˜Don't be a man of success, be a man of value.' So when trying to achieve anything in your life first of all start with yourself.
  8. Optimistic lifestyle isn't the Utopia. Hard work and plenty of obstacles is a true reality of such life.
  9. Optimism can greatly improve your life. But for this purpose your life really needs to be difficult or you should be fond of self-improvement theme. In most other cases you'll consider this idea stupid.
  10. Motivation is everything. As a true optimist I can say that positive thinking is useless without a true motivation. You must live for something or you'll soon refuse the idea of positiveness.
  11. Positive thinking isn't enough. In addition to this you should enjoy everything you do, your life, you should love the people around you, smile honestly.
  12. Try to find something positive in any bad moment. This can be a good start for being an optimist. Take for example some small problems at work or within the family. Think it over and find something positive in it.
  13. Do look back. Remember your past experience, how you managed to cope with previous problems. This will give you an inspiration for future fights.
  14. Believe in yourself. Know that you can everything, believe in your strengths and you'll firmly walk along your difficult way.
  15. Don't talk, just do it. I remember myself talking that I'm a big optimist, "˜boasting' that I think positively, but all these words were left without taking any action. It was until I realized it, I had to do something with it or it wouldn't bring me any use and I wouldn't change anything.
  16. Combine your positive thinking with your self-improvement. The best result you'll receive when trying to combine your optimism with improving your health, appearance, professional skills or other personal traits. This will bring you complex benefits.
  17. Develop an optimistic lifestyle into a habit, an obsession. Making yourself do something isn't always good unless you get used to it in future. Better try to make this kind of life your obsession, like it, love it. Make it the essential part of yourself.

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