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5 Little Tricks to Successfully Face Challenges in Life

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Admit it – you've wondered.

You are working and working and working leading forward to your major life goals, but you're just not getting there. Also, you have less free time, fatigue is accumulating and your physical condition is like you didn't exercise your entire life.

And you're wondering:

Do you just need to be patient waiting for that day when happiness will come?

Or could it be possible that you're not good enough and you should accept this as your reality?

Deep inside you know you have to keep trying.

The question is, "How?"

5_little_tricksThe hard truth about achieving happiness

Happiness is subjective by definition. Regrettably, there is no magic formula that works for everybody.

Happiness doesn't improve with a push of a button. This isn't a talent show where you get accepted by the jury and you become a superstar overnight.

Everybody has their own way.

Through your growing up years you learn all sorts of attitudes and beliefs about relationships, marriage, career and more. Most of these you learn from parents, friends and school.

In my experience though, that's incomplete knowledge without your own experience and understanding.

As a beginner you must develop the ability to face your problems correctly and yet not strive for a life without problems. Your main goal is to work not for the result, but to gain experience.

This is the foundation of your future success.

No, it's not easy, but is possible. Here are 5 ways to approach your challenges.

1. Start with WHY


Do you have to face absolutely every challenge in your way? Probably not.

Whenever you have to choose from two or more challenges, you should pay closer attention to those that you can clearly articulate why they are important to you. By "why", I don't mean to make money. That's a result.

By "why" I mean what's your cause, what's your belief.

You should clearly understand what your dream is, what inspires you, what makes you wake up every morning and nothing will stop you facing the challenges.

2. The power of human adaptation


The power of human adaptation takes a lot of people by surprise, what leads them to question important relationships and life goals.

When you fall in love, for example, you adapt to the passion and you believe your relationship will always be like that. The hard truth is that you adapt to this romantic novel and soon it becomes a routine, though your expectations were different.

Even if nothing bad has happened in your relationship, you'll still feel that something is wrong, which will undoubtedly weaken your relationship.

When you live with an idealized version of your goal, try to make a step back. Then you'll see your problem from different perspective and you can easily find a solution.

3. Learn from small experiences


When you have an opportunity to work in a project with people you can learn a lot from, get involved even if you're not offered any financial reward. This kind of experiences is so valuable, that the knowledge you'll learn from working with professionals, no university could give you.

Setting major goals helps you move forward, but don't underestimate the small experiences. Some of your goals are too far to be achievable and that is fine. Just be sure that you leave the door open for new opportunities.

Finally, it's not the destination points that ultimately give you satisfaction and happiness, but the striving and experiences along the way. And among those experiences, it's the small ones that seem to add up to have the largest impact, not a few big ones.

4. Learn from regrets


Some people are able to go through life with very few regrets, but others drown in them regularly.

Often you regret something when you chose something out of fear, expectations, obligation or complete unconsciousness about your actions. Whenever you regret doing something or not doing something, try to understand how it resonates with your highest values.

Instead of playing the "what if" or "only if" game, examine your regrets in a way that will help you grow into a more complex, wiser and ultimately happier individual.

5. Life hits everybody


There is a saying: when one door closes, another one opens. Even if all the doors are closed, there is an open window somewhere for you to squeeze through.

Whenever you are trying to achieve something, don't expect to succeed from the first attempt. Life was not designed that way. You should get up and try again and again until something works out for you. If you let things get you down, you'll never going to come out on top.

Even the most successful people were hit by setbacks and life problems, but they didn't give up, they continued to fight.

If you learn how to face the challenges it might not make you wealthy or successful, but it'll let you live a happier life.

If you want something, go get it

Life changes quickly.

It's harder to keep up with the processes happening around us.

It becomes harder to stay faithful to your own values. It is stressful to live in a world these days in which we're constantly bombarded by all kinds of manipulations.

And yet you must strive.

That means working hard, having the desire to face the greatest challenges and not changing your way, even if others say you're wasting your time for nothing.

Initially you really have no skills and it'll be tough, but slowly you'll gain experience and knowledge and it'll be easier.

This is the real life.

I'm in. Are you?

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